How gorgeous does Croatia look?

The more I hear about Croatia the more I really want to visit.   And right now I really need a holiday.  I mean like I really need a holiday.   I am exhausted and we don’t have a holiday booked this year (I am not counting the week in France at Easter, or the week in Malta coming up in September) so I am craving a stay at the beach.   Our holiday to France was very much city based, albeit four or five different cities, and the trip to Malta is for a wedding so there wont be much opportunity to lie on the beach there either.

I want to lie on a beach and sip cocktails in the sun.  Or by the pool in a villa and as I say, the more I hear about Croatia the more I desperately want to visit.   A friend of mine went just a week after my son Jonnie had been and their photos were stunning.   The scenery is breathtaking, mountains, beaches, markets and buildings so gorgeous they have been used as the back drop of various scenes in Game of Thrones.  What is not to love?

So during a quiet period at work this weekend I started doing some research on how feasible it would be to sneak off to Croatia.   Working from home means I could technically work from there and nobody would know I had gone!  If I picked a villa with wifi then who would know I was lying by the pool in 40 degree sun?  No-one.  It is genius.

I mean, seriously, look at this for a pool with a view:

This is a villa in Molunat that I currently have my eye on.  Not only does it have its own pool, but it is five minutes from the beach, with views out to see.  There is air conditioning, wifi, a barbecue, and a fully fitted kitchen.  Three bedrooms and three bathrooms make it perfect spot for a family, or two couples looking to get away from it all.

Molunat is the southern most tourist spot in Croatia and takes its name for the Greek word for Port.   It is a little oasis of calm, there are no hotels, only two restaurants and no night life.  But there are buses to Dubrovnik and access to woods and the beach.  All the things I really want from a holiday if I am honest.

Dubrovnik is the perfect place for some holiday culture though, I had no idea there was so much to do!   From exploring ancient city walls , Fort Lovrijenac or the Gornji Ugao Tower to doing a boat trip out to Korcula Island with its vineyards and olive groves there is something for everyone who wants to make sure they see everything the city has to offer.

Me?  I think I would be quite happy for a few days lying beside that pool with a good book and a cocktail.

All I need to do now is work out if I am flying from Luton or Stansted

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  • Croatia is most definitely gorgeous! We’ve just come back from a week there and were totally blown away. We thought it would just be like other international competitions but were so surprised how much we enjoyed the views, the people and the food! All of us said we would love to return. PS We flew from Stansted!