Happy 50th Birthday to Canvas Holidays


Canvas Holidays 50

My memories of summer holidays when I was growing up are sketchy.  They all tend to merge into one, with the specifics blurred.   One thing I do remember though is that they were always a huge amount of fun and involved tents.    But not tents we had dragged with us from England, only to find we had left various bits in the garage, tents that are ready erected and have everything you could hope for.   Glamping before we even knew that glamping was a thing.

And to be honest it is probably why I struggle with the idea of camping in a field or at a festival now.    Though I have to admit that when we stayed in the Bell Tent for Camp Bestival I loved it.    I am not sure I could really “go native” though and pitch up in a field with no plug sockets for hair dryers though.   I was spoilt at the age of 6.

But Canvas Holidays were a huge part of my summers growing up and are the background to many happy memories.   Life moved on though and like a lot of “friendships” things dwindled and we lost touch 🙂   Until in 2012 Canvas Holidays, in a weird coincidence, offered to sponsor me for my first visit to Britmums Live that summer.

And, like friends that find each other again, we have kept in touch, for the past few years.  We were still a bit flabbergasted to be invited to the Canvas Holidays 50th birthday celebration ball in Edinburgh last month though.    I was even asked to do a post for the Canvas Holidays blog on “My Canvas Story”


We had the most amazing weekend and were thrilled to meet alot of the people behind Canvas Holidays and see for ourselves what a fabulous company it is.   So many members of staff have been with them for years, working their way up from being couriers on sites to managers and even the Managing Director.   They really are the epitome of a company that feels like one big family.

After some ceilidh dancing for half an hour I think it was obvious that Canvas Holidays might have aged slightly better than Mr B who also turns 50 this year.

We are off to Holland for Easter with Canvas Holidays to relive our youth.   Me reminiscing about being a teenager in a tent, and Mr B about Holland where he lived for a few years.   The teens will no doubt be doing much eye rolling at the pair of us.    We need lots of tips though on where to see tulips as it will be prime growing season, and where to get Gouda cheese.  And whether to do Rotterdam or Amsterdam.

All tips gratefully received please!   And in the meantime help yourself to a piece of the cake I made to help Canvas Holidays celebrate their half century.

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  • I’ve forgotten its name but you ought to visit the miniature village which has roads, trains, even an airport and loads of buildings. It is truly amazing!
    Mr B was part of the family when we all used a Canvas Holiday site down near Bordeaux quite a few years ago. On the car journey he learned and spoke his first ever words of French – Les vaches sont dans le champs et elles mangent l’herbe! He was probably about 4 at the time. Happy Days.