Have you ever tried a “cycling” desk? (AD)

I must admit I hadn’t until recently but these, along with standing desks, have always intrigued me. I couldn’t work out if you could actually work at a cycling desk, surely trying to cycle and type at the same time would be as impossible as patting your head and rubbing your tummy, right?

When Flexispot got in touch recently then to ask if I wanted to try their cycling desk I jumped at the chance, and not just because I wanted to see if I could type and cycle at the same time.

Five years ago I wrote a post about why I will never join a gym. Those feelings all still stand today. Those feelings of being larger than most other gym goers, and of being laughed at or talked about behind my back. It stems from childhood but those feelings run deep, and are the only time I will be associated with running. My exercise for a while was walking, early in the morning when it was light, but quiet. Quiet enough that nobody would see me but light enough that I could see an axe murderer lurking in the woods before he saw me. You can see where my head is at with exercise, right?

Being able to exercise at home will be a game changer. Having a cycling desk will mean that I can do a gentle few miles whilst also editing photos or putting my thoughts together before writing a blog post. I am not sure I could concentrate enough to write a full blown essay just yet but I am sure once I no longer have to think about the cycling part of what I am doing that will come.

The bike arrived by courier in two boxes and took literally minutes to put together, it didnt even need any special tools or reading and deciphering of complicated instructions. No interpretation of a diagram and wondering if this is part 2B/c/89 that needs to go into 3C/d/46. It slotted together in minutes and was ready for use straightaway.

I love that it is on wheels too so it can be wheeled out of the way when not in use.

The seat is adjustable and there are 8 resistance levels so if you feel you can cycle up hill whilst you are typing up a report then you can go for it. Though probably best to avoid doing so over Zoom! The desk is adjustable too so you can move it closer or further away and you can tilt it to suit your height (it is recommended that you be between 5’1 and 6’2)

Will I be using it to work at? Probably not if I am honest because I have my laptop plugged into a big screen but what I love is that rather than sitting on the sofa to binge watch box sets I can now put my iPad on the desk and do a quick 5K cycle whilst catching up.

Me? Watching Real Housewives? No darling, it’s called exercising.

If you want to find out more, and make the most of their sale between now and the end of the month, head over to the Flexispot website.

We were sent the Cycle Bike in exchange for our honest review


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