Have you heard about Treat Trunk?

Have you heard about Treat Trunk?

I don’t know about you but this is the time of year that I think “If I see another piece of chocolate I am going to heave”.  What is it about Christmas that means we feel we are neglecting our family if we don’t have 17 different boxes of chocolates or chocolatey snacks on the coffee table?  Or a whole basket full of crisps, wasabi peas, peanuts etc?

Yep, by January I am definitely resolving to improve my snack choices.  Which is where Treat Trunk has been a godsend.   I was asked just before Christmas if I wanted to try out their service and jumped at the chance.

The premise is super simple.

Every month, we handpick the most exciting snacks especially for you, both savoury and sweet. Our Treat Trunks are delivered directly to your door and come packed full of surprises for all the family.

You can subscribe a couple of different ways, either with a quarterly or monthly Treat Trunk, or you can chose a mini monthly Treat Trunk.    The cost for the monthly boxes is £35.99 and the mini box is £19.99.    There are between 10 and 15 snacks in the mini Trunk, and 20 to 25 in the monthly or quarterly ones.   All of them tasty and interesting, many of them gluten free and ALL of them dairy free (so perfect for the vegans in your life).

This is a sample of one of the boxes (though obviously they do change every month):

Fit Bites Strawberry & Raspberry
Clearly Scrumptious Goldenberries
Nakd Bar – Blueberry Muffin
Bear YoYo – Sour Strawberry Apple & Pumpkin
Bear Paws – Apple & Blackcurrant
Love Raw – Cashew & Lemon Bar
Hoogly Tea – Rhubarb and Vanilla Green Tea
Emily Crisps – Fig Banana
Neat – Sea Salt
Primal Pantry – Apple and Pecan
Ape Crunchy Coconut Bites – chocolate
The Raw Chocolate Co Chocolate Bar – Vanoffee
Heavenly Bakes – Oaty Flapjack Fascinations
Scrummies – Raspberry Cranberries & Raisins
Raw Halo Chocolate Bar – Dark & Salted Caramel
Nakd Nibbles – Strawberries & Cream
Purl Pops Lotus Seed Snacks – Salted Caramel
Rude Health Cornitas – Black Bean
Prince & Sons – Caramel Vanilla Rooibos
Dolce La Dolce – Clustered Cashew Crunch
Sunmaid raisins box
Pep & Lekker Seed Snacks – Rosemary and Pumpkin Seed

There were lots in our box that I hadn’t come across before which made for a really interesting rummage as we went through them all and many of them felt more “adult” than I had expected so there really is something for everyone in the family when they arrive.

It occurred to me that this would have a been a lovely treat for Jonnie when he was away at boarding school, it would have made a lovely surprise to have a box of treats turning up once a month.  And I would know the were healthier than the chocolate bars and biscuits that I used to send him back with as tuck.

Treat Trunk is the brainchild of Sally who says this:

From an early age, I noticed even the so called ‘healthy snacks’ were having an adverse effect on our children. Filled with sugars and artificial additives, they would leave them bouncing off the walls, sleepless, erratic, over emotional and unfocused.

This situation fuelled me to explore, in more depth, the world’s latest and funkiest food cultures and trends for the most exciting REAL healthy snacks. An adventure which I’m fortunate enough to say; gave me the lightbulb moment which allowed me to bring Treat Trunk to families all over the UK.

I think this is a fab idea and something that would make both a great present or addition to any snack drawer.


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  • I haven’t heard of these boxes but they sound and look fantastic.
    What a great range of different treats. I like that they are healthy, it’s just what we need at this time of year x