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HDYGG Amberstone

Who doesn’t love a greenhouse?  I find them hugely romantic.  A place to shelter from a sudden spring shower.   A safe haven from a blustery afternoon when there are jobs to be done in the garden but there is also a cuppa to be drunk.   A place where you can get organised.  Piles of empty pots ready to filled jostle for position with trays full of seedlings ready to let loose on the big wide world.

You’d think I was gardener, wouldn’t you?

I have the same feelings of love for home decoration catalogues but I am crap at that too.

I’ve never had a greenhouse.  Actually that is not true.  I did have one but all the glass was broken and we had to get it removed.   My parents had one and I remember making mud pies in it and turning it into shop.  Maybe that’s where the love affair with them started, who knows.   I have never had one to use as it is intended, but then I am not a gardener (despite wanting to be) either so if I did get one now it would only end up redundant.

Anyway, back to Devon where there was a beautiful greenhouse hidden at the top of the garden.   You could quite easily have missed it as it was through one of those doors to another part of the garden and at the end of a path, nestled up against the perimeter wall.   It is fair to say it was slightly neglected, but that added to its charm for me, and made me want to take even more photos.     It is a bit of a stretch to be including it in Annie’s How Does Your Garden Grow linky as it is not really a garden and there isn’t really anything growing but I am hoping she will let me off.

Abandoned baskets of broken pots could have kept me amused for hours:

A proper potting table!

We just had to rub this chap’s belly of course.

Clearly nothing goes to waste in the main house and plates broken by clumsy guests end up here too

Any other vegetable and Mr B might have had a nosey.   He can’t stand beetroot so these were safe

Something about this mirror had me transfixed for ages.

As did these two benches.   The hours sitting there, staring out on the kitchen garden just outside, and to the sweeping Devon countryside further afield.

And finally these two “abandoned” objects




As I said, not much evidence of growing so I am linking up to HDYGG tenuously but I loved this little piece of Devon and wanted to share.

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  • You didn’t tell me you find them romantic when we were in there sheltering from the rain Baz…

    Come to think of it there was a glint in your eyes. Might have been a post-nymph haze!

    Thank you for joining in again, I could have stayed in that greenhouse for ages x

  • doesn’t the garden start in the greenhouse? it’s a good a place as any to sit and enjoy time in and probably warmer and drier than the weather I see you’re currently experiencing in the UK

  • What a beautiful sequence of photos!
    Added to your previous piece about the house and its gardens it makes the whole place so very attractive and intriguing. I can just imagine a BBC series about the place. As long as my bete-noir Lord Strong was not engaged.
    I wish the place was up in the “Northern Fastnesses” – the Northern Powerhouse. It’s a long way from where I live.
    Ah well……….[ slightly envious ]
    Might make it one day – if only to view and explore.

  • Love the broken ceramics! I have a tin in the shed filled with bits of cold pots and crockery like this – I’m going to make *something* out of them one day. Glad to see I’m not the only one who collects such things.

  • I can spend hours in my greenhouse in the summer but at this time of year I’m glad it’s hidden out of the way. That’s just made me wonder if it is still intact after this week’s storms!

  • Looks a fab place and so pretty. I love my greenhouse and now can’t imagine being without one – it’s the smallest size but for my next one I’m going to aim higher and larger, and definitely large enough for a chair. #hdygg