#HDYGG — en France

The novelty of showing photographs from our garden soon wore off.   About the same time that actually gardening wore off.  I knew it wouldn’t last.   I just haven’t got the gardening bug.    But coming to France has given me a great excuse to show you the garden of the house we are staying in.   That’s it up there in that picture.    It’s rather gorgeous, I have to admit.   And deep in the south of the Loire.

Where there is field after field of sunflowers.   So stunning that you have to stop the car and photograph them.  That is my overwhelming memory of driving through France, seeing them all facing in one direction, and it changing as the sun gets higher in the sky.

So here we are, the garden I have been exploring this week.   Let me take you on a tour.  On one side of the house is a stream:








And on the other side there is evidence that this was actually once a mill, not just a forge.   We think there is an old mill pond, gates, and a crank handle.







And hugging the wall of the tunnels is the most beautiful hydrangea  bush:




So there you have it, our little French Idyll.



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  • Your French garden looks so interesting, but your gardening experience let you down, those are hydrangeas not rhododendrons . I’m no gardener either just I’ve got hydrangeas in my garden so recognise them.! Enjoy your hols en la belle France!

  • How very sophisticated and wonderful, you know your pictures have made me feel a bit cooler in all this heat they are also so nostalgic of my times in france, tingy of green eyes over here #HDYGG

  • How lovely to have a sneak inside your holiday home garden! Looks lovely and spacious, sunny and shady – perfect! Now relax! xx

  • What a pretty place! Especially the hydrangeas, I have a soft spot for them. I love the idea of driving past fields of sunflowers. Have a great holiday 🙂

  • I can understand the lure of photographing your own garden wearing off-I have my moments too! I love France and the Loire is a beautiful part of the country. What a wonderful idyll to explore. Hope you’re managing to savour the odd glass of wine with the views too.

  • What an idyllic place to relax in for a holiday. I’m imagining a lovely glass of wine and picnic in the garden.

  • It looks very relaxing and beautiful there. I bet the little stream makes it feel peaceful, too. Enjoy 🙂

  • Oh you lucky, lucky bugger! It looks perfect there – you will deffo come back won’t you?!
    And sunflower fields ? HELLO! *googles ferry times*

    Merci beaucoup for joining in ma petite chou fleur! x

  • I am so in love with the rustic character of the place. Those ruins made everything more special. Really pretty place! #hdygg