#HDYGG — Mezieres

I have always remembered the sunflowers growing in France.  For me they are iconic and whenever I see them growing I think of France.  But what I have never really been aware of previously is just how floral French towns are.   There seem to be hanging baskets on every bridge.   Beautifully tended gardens outside buildings.   Pots outside houses.    Window boxes on the smallest of ledges.   Riots of colour dotted all over the place.

So beautiful, and definitely eye catching.

We went to quite a few towns on our recent travels in the Indre district of France.  Mezieres was the nearest small market town to where we stayed, so off we wandered one morning, cameras in hand, on the hunt for cheese.  We really didn’t expect to find such a pretty village with such an abundance of colour.  Or that the town was so old.  So much of that part of France almost felt Medieval.

 In fact this shows how the town looked in the 1900s, there were lots of postcards dotted all over the town showing street scenes from around 1916.  Though nothing I could see to show just how old it really was

Mezieres 1916

Below is a selection of the photos to show “How does your garden grow, Mezieres?”

 Mezieres river


Mezieres hanging baskets


Mezieres Exposition






Mezieres mill pond




Isn’t it such a pretty village?

PS.  Here is a gratuitous cheese shot


French Goats Cheese

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  • Looks like a beautiful place and I love the idea of bright colour dotted around all over the town next to pale buildings. I want to live in the house with pale blue shutters!

  • I am loving the gratuitous cheese shot very much! I do love French towns-they generally are always so pretty and well cared for.

  • #cheesegasm

    What a gorgeous looking place – and I love all the window boxes and how ingenious they are at getting colour and blooms into small spaces. Really lifts things up doesn’t it? Rather like a some blue veiny sheeeeese…


    Thanks for joining in again Madame Barrow!