#HDYGG — Welford Park


Want to come and see snowdrops tomorrow?  

That was the message that popped up on my phone as I walked the dog in the dark on Friday night.  As I tried to work just which bit of the hedge I should be rummaging under to do my civic duty after the dog had done his and as I dropped the bag into the bin I replied with a “yes I ruddy well do.  Please and thank you.  And where?”.

The message was from Annie and she had been to Welford Park before, declared it a lovely walk, and well, that was all I needed to know.

Oh and that they had a cafe with great cake.

Also seemed like a good opportunity for daughter number 1 and her fiance to come along too since they both have new cameras to play with.

Welford Park sits just outside Newbury in a pretty little village, just next to the church in Welford.   It was the church that I talked about yesterday on Window Wednesday  and Welford Park is the manor house that sits next door, on the ground where once monks lived.  The house is  privately owned  so it is not open to the public and you can’t do a tour of the interior but you might recognise the lawn since it is the setting for the Great British Bake Off.  Was the setting.  Who knows what Channel 4 will do it.  Or in fact what has happened to the tent.   Nobody has talked about the tent, have they?  It has all been about the hosts.  What about the tent though?

Anyway.  Snow drops.

Lots of them.   Along with real signs that spring is just around the corner.  One of those days where the sun shines but it is still bitterly cold.  My favourite days in fact.













If you would like more information on Welford Park then do check out their website:  Welford Park 

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