House moving superstitions

I was asked to change the time of an appointment today as the tenant moving in has said the time allocated with superstitious.

And last month I read this story about Mukesh Ambani who started work on his $1 billion property in 2009 has refused to move into his new house because of a “lack of Eastern facing windows”  Story here.

This got me thinking about superstitions surrounding property and I came across these gems:


When you first leave your new home make sure you re-enter through the same door;

Don’t bring the broom from your old house, buy a new one

Avoid moving when the moon is waxing.

If you are given a house warming gift of knives, give a £1 for them in return or the friendship ends.

Poke the fire for luck

Don’t hit nails after the sun has gone down or the tree gods get cross.

If you can’t sell your house bury a statue of St Joseph upside down and facing away from the street

To prevent an unwelcome guest returning sweep the room immediately after they leave.

Thursdays are the best day to move, but not in November, that is the worst month to move.

Rainy days are bad too.

When you move, leave a loaf of bread for the new owners.


Do you know of any others?



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