How to adapt your style as you age

Have you ever looked back on one of your outfits when you were younger and said to yourself, “What was I thinking?”. Yeah, this is something that everyone does, and honestly, it’s completely natural. You might have thought that clothes and hairstyles from the early 2000s were the “it” thing, only for now to think how ugly or embarrassing some of the clothes are now. With that said, as trends come and go, your age is going to get older. 

Usually, that means that your taste in fashion (for the most part) is going to change too. But of course, there are going to be some clothes that you simply can’t depart with no matter how old you get. Whether it’s the basics in your wardrobe or that little black dress that makes you feel like a model, those are things you shouldn’t have to depart with either. So, here’s how you can adapt your style as you age. 

It’s All About Priortising Comfort

They say beauty is pain, but should it be? Sure, maybe sometimes wearing a heel can be okay, especially if it’s only for a couple of hours, but that should be as far as it goes. When it comes to dressing, comfort is key. This means choosing comfortable fabrics that feel good against your skin and avoiding anything too tight or restrictive.

Embrace Timeless Elegance

Certainly, there’s been more than enough outfits in old movies that you know for a fact could work in any decade, especially suits and the classic little black dress. At this stage, you want to look mature and experienced but not as though you’re stuck in a rut. Embracing classic style conventions like impeccable fit, versatile styling options, and awareness of formality will help you achieve this balance. Invest in timeless pieces, such as blazers and trench coats that can be worn for years. 

Also, consider upgrading your neckwear game with bow ties and ascots. But don’t forget about the jewellery either. For instance, you’ll want something simplistic yet beautiful, like the accessories from helix jewellery. Emphasize timeless elements like button-down shirts, shirt dresses, blazers and classic flat shoes to create a sophisticated wardrobe staple. But remember that the concept of timeless style is nuanced: while enduring features transcend fleeting trends, cultural relevance enhances the impact of these wardrobe pieces. Practice combining timeless features with subtle nods to current fashion to create a balanced and culturally aligned look.

You might want to look back on older shows and movies too. Do you see outfits or pieces that just keep popping up over and over? As mentioned above, it’s about being sophisticated and getting sophisticated pieces, such as a little black dress or a blazer. Sure, these can technically be considered simple, but there’s nothing wrong with being simple whatsoever. So why not instead just embrace all of this? You’ll always look in style no matter what trends are surrounding you, and that’s how you really know you have a timeless style with age. 

The Fabric is Important Too

As mentioned earlier, you need to focus on the importance of comfort. Honestly, the fabric is not only going to play a big factor in that. If you can, it’s better to go with natural fabrics like cotton and linen as they’re always going to make any outfit look put together as well as expensive. Plus, in the summer months, they’ll keep you cool. For the most part, synthetic fabrics have a cheap appearance, and they’re not exactly going to last as long as natural fabrics, either.  Adapting style as you age means picking pieces that can age nicely too, and this is key. 

Layer Up

Even though layering wasn’t heavily pushed until the mid-2010s, this is still pretty important even nowadays. When it comes to dressing for the upcoming season, layering can be a great way to stay warm without looking bulky. The trick is to make sure that the layers closest to your skin are slim and light. This will help prevent them from restricting your movement or creating an uncomfortable fit. Also, be sure to mix up the textures in your outfits.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is best, as this is what stays timeless. As with all styling conventions, dressing your age is not meant to be restrictive. Instead, it offers a helpful guideline to help you develop your personal style as you gain maturity and experience. As a general rule, try to avoid anything that reads as costumey, such as feathers, sequins, and broaches. Keep it simple and classic. You’ll be much happier. 

Trying Out New Styles is Fine

When you’re adapting your current style as you get older, you need to understand that you don’t have to reject other styles. In fact, it’s better to embrace it. Give yourself the chance to just try out other styles. Maybe it’ll get to the point where you love animal print. Maybe you’ll go through a phase where you love chunky jewellery? Whatever it is, just know it’s okay. Any age is an ideal time to experiment with different looks and discover what suits you best. 

This includes experimenting with bold colors, unique prints, and even some quirky accessories such as bow ties and neck ties that can add a touch of unexpected Old World panache to casual attire. The whole point is keeping your style and just incorporating changes here and there. At the end of the day, you’re still going to have your signature look.

Invest in a Good Tailor

As mentioned before, the key is to have clothes that can last for years to come. You want to make them flattering for as long as possible, and the number one way to do it is with a good tailor. Invest in tailoring your wardrobe to achieve a polished and sophisticated look. Having your blazers and dresses tailored will make them fit perfectly and will add a sense of elegance to any outfit. You do not want anything to look oversized, as this is going to just ruin the look. Tailors don’t even need to be expensive either; they’re actually pretty affordable. 

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