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There is nowhere on earth quite like New York, New York, which is so good they named it twice. It’s a city that blends history with the modern; a cosmopolitan and cultural powerhouse that is at the forefront of many exciting trends. It is, without doubt, possibly the best city on earth to spend a few days. But like with all destinations, the good times won’t just come. You need to put the pieces in place to make them happen.


We take a look at a few smart tips below. 

Stay in the Mix

New York is a big city, but the area in which you’ll want to visit is actually pretty small. Most people only ever spend time in Manhattan and a few small pockets of Brooklyn, so you’ll want to find accommodation that is nearby to those areas. If you’re only spending a few days in the city, then you don’t want to waste your time journeying to and from your out of the way hotel. They might be a little cheaper the further out you are, but you’ll enjoy it less, and in any case, you’ll spend more on transportation anyway. Choose a spot in lower Manhattan or just across the river in Brooklyn.

Get Ready to Walk

One of the best things about New York is that you can walk from one destination to the next. This isn’t usually the case when it comes to big cities! In the Big Apple, you can start in, say, Chinatown, and then walk through Wall Street and the financial district, over to Greenwich Village, and then head north. Make sure you’re physically able to do this by investing in comfortable shoes before you travel. There’s nothing worse than wanting to walk, but being in too much pain to carry on.

Only in New York 

There are many concrete jungles in the world, but New York does things differently. It provides locals and tourists with a plethora of outstanding things to do, which they just couldn’t do in other cities. So if you’re going to experience New York the right way, you’ll want to do some of those things you can only do in this city. Take theatre shows, for example: the best in the world are to be found in the Big Apple. Even if you’re not usually a theatre person, look at getting some Dear Evan Hansen tickets for when you’re there. It’s a critically acclaimed show that audiences love: you will not regret it. 

The Big Hitters

Some people don’t like to “play tourist,” but in certain cities, it’s the smart thing to do. In the case of New York, we’re talking about some of the world’s most iconic sights. You’ll want to spend some time in Central Park, at the Natural History Museum, the Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge, to name just a handful. It’s possible that you can avoid Times Square, however: it’s not all that fun, stop by but move on quickly. 


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