How to eat a cupcake


The Perfect way to eat a cupcake

I bet you are thinking “huh?  You just shove it in your mouth don’t you?”

Well you would be right.  That is how I have been eating cupcakes for 45 years.   But apparently there is a better way.

It used to be easy.  Cupcakes were typically mostly cake, as the name suggests, and if you were lucky there was a cherry on top.   Or maybe even little butterfly wings.    Over the years though cupcakes have morphed into full on creations that look stunning.  And cost £4 each.

I bought a tray of cupcakes from Sainsburys this weekend as a treat for the teens and on Sunday morning the few remaining cakes sat on the kitchen table taunting us.  Telling us that toast wasn’t enough but that we all had to have a cake to round off breakfast.     Who am I to deny such a request?

How to eat a cupcake

As I bit into the cake Jonnie said “that’s not how you eat a cupcake, you need to slice the bottom off and put it on the top”.


“You eat it like a sandwich and it stops the icing going up your nose”.

This floored me so I had to (yes had to) grab another cake and try it out.   And look…. the boy is a genius.

How to eat a cupcake 1

Next time you have a cupcake, eat it like this, it makes such a difference.  You get the perfect mouthful ratio of cake and icing and don’t feel as though you just have a mouthful of icing.

And the icing doesn’t go up your nose.

Perfect cupcake

That boy is a genius.

He gets it from me.  Obviously

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