“How to leave Twitter: My Time as Queen of the Universe and Why This Must Stop” — Grace Dent. A review.


If you “don’t get” Twitter you must read this book.

If you are on Twitter you must read this book.

I downloaded it just before coming away (having had it on pre-order for weeks) as I love Grace’s tweets and thought it would be an easy beach read.   Unfortunately once downloaded I couldn’t resist dipping into it and before I knew it I had read over half of it.

For me to sit and read anything for more than half an hour is nigh on impossible these days (unless it is my Tweet feed) but this just had me turning the page wanting more.

Nodding along to bits about how you join and then wonder why nobody wants to talk to you.   How we all follow @stephenfry in the hope that one day this Twitter God may send us a message.   How we get excited over a celebrity follower.  How we all do the “oh my God have you seen this breaking news story” and feel smug that we saw it on Twitter first before it is reported in the press the following day.

Cringing as we acknowledge that we have, at one time or another been that whiney “why did you unfollow me” person.

I absolutely loved this book.   I couldn’t have put it better myself.  And only wish I had thought of it first.

@gracedent  #genius


Available at all good book shops.  Oh and Amazon.

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  • I have read the book. And I loved it. Really made me chuckle and reassess what I share on Twitter too. So what’s out: no to-do lists, no quotes unless they are REALLY good, and I am not going to mention any celebrities although I like following them on my personal Twitter account. I have also had a Twitter clear out and anyone that was bugging me has been promptly unfollowed to make room for some fresh tweets. Hurrah! Great blog and see you on Twitter @mummybarrow