How to transform your child into Harry Potter on a budget for World Book Day

There’s not long to wait now until World Book Day, which takes place on Thursday 4th March, so it’s around this time where the panic might be starting to sink in. With the big day in mind, reputable nursery brand Kiddi Caru conducted a survey to find out the truth about how parents really feel about World Book Day. When asked who they thought would be the most popular choice amongst their children, 30% of parents predicted that their little ones would be asking to be Harry Potter.

If your kids have already started asking for a Harry Potter-inspired ensemble and you’re starting to sweat, not to worry as we’ve done the legwork for you and searched through all of the World Book Day resources and pulled together the best tips and tricks to transform your child into one special little wizard, on a budget.

For the seamstress

If you’re a dab hand on the sewing machine, then the thought of creating a wizard’s robe from scratch might not be too daunting. But you might still need a slight nudge in the right direction, and that’s where sewing patterns come in! You’ll find these on Pinterest, independent blogs and for a small cost on Etsy. If you’re looking to get the whole family involved, as you’ll most likely be spending the day at home, then here’s a helpful pattern that allows you to create a whole set of different sized wizard robes and jumpers. 

For the wannabe creative

Whilst sewing a costume from scratch might be a bit of a tall order, there are other ways that you can get your creative juices flowing. For example, why not set aside half an hour or so and make your child a magic wand. Still sound a little bit too much like hard work? Well, it’s not, when you follow this quick and easy tutorial. All you’ll need is some chopsticks, various acrylic paints, foam brushes, a sealant and a hot glue gun – some of these items you may even have in your home already. The hot glue gun is the key to creating the rustic-looking handle, although it may look a little crazy to start off with. Make sure you lay down newspaper before you get started, as the drizzling of the glue is bound to get messy! Once the glue has dried, it’ll be time to get your paints out before sealing your new creation. 

For the happy shopper

Now, there’s no shame in opting for the shop-bought option when it comes to transforming your child into a mini Harry Potter. After all, we don’t all have time to study patterns or crank up the sewing machine; also, a pre-made costume is likely to last a little longer and be able to be used for another World Book Day in the future. 

But these things all add up, so allow us to give you some recommendations for a transformation on a budget – all thanks to Amazon.  Depending on the age if your child, you can bag a Gryffindor robe for somewhere between £15 and £20 – which makes up the majority of the costume. 

Next step, is the wand, which is a staple for any truly magical wizard. Whilst a stick from the park might get the job done, forking out a mere £3.62 for a plastic wand surely won’t break the bank. 

When it comes to the scarf, there’s two roads you can go down, depending on your budget and how much wear you see your child getting out of it. If you foresee your little one wanting to pay homage to that iconic wizard just the once, then there’s a stripey £4.23 scarf with your name on it here

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