I am in the wrong job

Do you ever have that feeling?

When you hear what a friend earns?  Or the perks they get?  The trips they get to go on with work or the people they get to meet on a daily basis.

It makes you envious and wish that you had applied for the job when you saw it.

Or how about when you read of the next big thing that has just been invented.   Thinking “damn, why didn’t I think of that?”

Kicking ourselves that we didn’t come up with it first and be the one that pockets that huge cheque.

Or for bloggers it might be when you read a killer blog post that gets lots of comments, lots of interaction and you think “but I was saying the same thing the other day, why didn’t I blog that?  Dammit”.

Which is what happened to me when I saw this:



Bugger Bugger Bugger.   I could do that.   I have the assets necessary.

And I want 3.3 million hits.

Or maybe it is me.

Can we start that rumour?  Imagine the offer of bras that would come through.


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