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Important Home Improvements Most People Forget to do

This year, I have vowed to get everything in the house finished. A lot has been done already. But, now that each room is nearing completion, I can see things we have forgotten. I have added them to my to-do list, which I am still keeping and using on a daily basis. But, talking to friends it is clear that they have found themselves in a similar situation. So, I thought, I’d do a little research and come up with a list of the important home improvements that are overlooked by many homeowners.

Spruce up the outside

I was stunned to learn that 1 in 5 Brits admitted that they had not updated the exterior of their home for 15 years or more. In a way, this is a little odd, because the outside of your house is what absolutely everyone sees. If the outside is unkempt, most people will expect the inside to be in a similar state. So, it is worth looking at entrance doors from Pirnar and treating yourself to a new one if you need to.

Repairing your gutters, painting the fascia and cleaning your windows will all make a big difference. If you have a front garden that you are struggling to maintain, consider changing a few things. Having some of it paved will reduce the amount of lawn and flowerbeds you need to maintain.

Fitting smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors

We all want to stay safe at home. So, we invest in an alarm and choose doors and windows with good locks. Yet, many of us forget to install enough smoke alarms and carbon monoxide monitors.

 It only takes a few hours to order what you need and fit them. If you do not already have fire extinguishers, buying them and installing a bracket to hold each one is also a good idea. You can find out what type you need to buy from your local fire service’s website or give them a call.

Draught proofing and insulation

Installing as much insulation as you can and draught-proofing your home will make it much more comfortable and save you money. Plus, doing this is very good for the planet. Oddly, the summer is the best time to get this job done. Often, you will be able to pick up the materials you need for a very low cost. 

Sort out hallway

Our entrance hall has been a real bone of contention since the day we moved in.  The front door opens in such a way that it blocks the hall when fully opened as it forces people coming in to walk through it and into the bottom of the stairs.   Literally, there is about three feet from the bottom step to the front door step and if we had the money we would flip the staircase and have it going the other way but that is more than we can get our head arounds!   What we have organised though is to have a new front door and to have it open the other way as we think this will make it more welcoming and effectively block the stairs so people have to walk into the hallway.   By doing this we can also finally rip up the hideous carpet and get the parquet flooring I have been hankering after for years.  YEARS!!!   Then I am fully expecting that having done that our entrance hall will look like the above pic. Tell me it will.


One thing most homes lack is sufficient storage space. A lot of us do install wardrobes and cupboards. But, we rarely take the extra step of adding a few extra shelves. We tend to stick with what was already built-into the unit we have bought. 

Sometimes this works out OK, but not always. In many cases, it is impossible to completely fill the space. For example, you can only stack your jumpers so high before they fall over. So, inevitably, some of the space that is available is wasted. To be able to make better use of the cube installing and extra shelf will solve the problem. Or, if you prefer, invest in some storage boxes. These can be stacked, which makes better use of the space.

If you can come up with any others, please feel free to share them below, in the comments.

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