Introducing Trolley Bags

Trolley Bags

If you don’t know about Trolley Bags, you really should.   They are one of those inventions that make me kick myself and wonder why I didn’t invent them.    The idea is very simple.   Four bags, that stick together with velcro, the perfect size to sit in a supermarket trolley.   Available in two sizes to fit either a shallow trolley or a deeper one.   You simply pick the pack that suits the size of your trolley.

Used in two ways, you can either leave them rolled up and fling your stuff in the trolley as you go around the supermarket, opening them after your food has been scanned; or you can scan as you shop and fling your items into them immediately.  As I do.

I am a huge fan of scanning my shopping as I go around as it saves so much time and effort.   I really cannot see the point of putting stuff into a trolley, on to a conveyor belt, back into a trolley and then into the car.    Far better I think to scan it and put it straight into a bag.

The beauty of these bags is that you can pre-sort them for when you get home too.   For instance I use one for things that will go upstairs when we get in, and another for the freezer in the garage.   So from the car I can then carry them to where they need to be unpacked.


They are available on line and the two sizes retail for £17.99 for each set of four (shallow or standard size).    If you don’t have them in your trolley this time next month, you are seriously missing a trick.

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