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The Karcher Window Cleaner is the second product that we have received as part of our Official Karcher Blogger project and like the floor cleaner before it, is just brilliant at what it does.   Cleaning windows is my least favourite task.  Ever.   Like even after emptying the dishwasher or taking the compost to the end of the garden.  We have somebody who comes and cleans the outsides once every two months but nobody does the insides so, well, they don’t get done.

And then the sun comes out

Or the cat puts her paws up the patio doors to be let in

Or the dog puts his paws up the patio doors to be let out

Or the washing up water flicks from the sink up the window when the tap is on too much

Or the teens have a water fight outside three days after the window cleaner has been and the outsides get sprayed again.

And then you remember you are having a party and want your house to a bit less neglected.

Which is the situation I found myself in recently.   This sunshine is all well and good but the more I stare out of my windows the more I realise I really am a lazy moo and need to get them cleaned.

Step forward the Karcher Window Vac 2

Not only can the new range tackle windows but they can also take on shower screens, mirrors, spills and even remove condensation. They work by vacuuming up excess liquid on hard surfaces and are really quick and simple to use. Perfect for those who don’t want to spend a long time on their housework but aren’t willing to compromise on the results.

Well that has my name ALL over it.   And in less than a minute we went from a kitchen window that looked like this

Karcher Before

To one that looks like this

Karcher After

No fuss.   No effort.  No chemicals.    You simply wash the windows, literally, with a wet cloth (I also used a tiny dot of washing up liquid) not worrying at all about the amount of water, or any streaks and then you turn the Karcher Window Vac and simply suck up all the water.   As it removes the water it ensures a streak free result.


Job done.   And for less than £60.   There are also a range of accessories too that you can buy such as an extension pole if you want to do upstairs windows and sack the window cleaner.

When you are done you put it on charge so it is ready for next time (taking it off charge means you don’t have to worry about any trailing wires when you are using it.  A real bonus if you are doing it over a sink like me) and the new range has a 25% longer battery life so one charge is more than enough to do the inside of all our windows.

Karcher Smaller

As one of Karcher’s Super Bloggers I have been sent this product to review


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