Let’s get “enthused”

If I say vinegar, what do you think about?   Sarsons on your chips?   Yes me too.    Until I came across Womersley Foods at the Real Food Festival when I was introduced to Rupert by Kate from Gower Cottage Brownies.

Since 1979 this family run business in Yorkshire has been making foodies think differently about vinegars.  Started by his parents, Rupert took over the running in 2009.

Now it is well documented that I am no foodie.   Clearly I like to eat it, anybody who has ever met me can immediately see I like to eat, but cook and prepare things?  Not so much.

My philosophy on cooking is akin to the SAS mantra of “Get in / Get out / Don’t kill anybody”.    So anything I can use that makes me look like a foodie and transforms my grub into haute cuisine gets my vote.

I met Rupert who now runs the family business and he enthused about his vinegars and when he explained how they could transform a simple bowl of leaves into a top notch salad I was sold.

Then he let me in on a secret.   You know when you have a party and somebody gives you a bottle of Cava that is not quite up to scratch?   Put a drop of this in and suddenly it is the best thing you will drink all night:


Alternatively throw some coriander,  rocket, cucumber and an onion into a bowl (you might need to do something to them, like cut them up) and pour some Raspberry vinegar on to the leaves.   Done.   As Gordon Ramsay would say.

If you do still think that vinegar is solely for chips then this is an absolute must, there is an even a recipe on the website (www.womersleyfoods.co.uk) on how to cook fish and chips with it as an ingredient.

If your recipe though is a) go to shop and  order “haddock and chips twice please”; b) go home;  3)  eat said items  you can sprinkle this on the top:

Do try it.  Honestly, they are all fabulous.  Each bottle is just £6 and you can order online from http://www.loveyourlarder.com/womersleyfoods

Go on….  be enthused!

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