Living Arrows, Week 9

I feel for kids born during lockdown, like Lily. They think their entire world is just their house, maybe one supermarket, and a handful of people. One day this summer their tiny minds are going to be blown as they suddenly realise there is a bigger world, more places to visit and more people to meet. It is such a shame they will never remember those days because they really going to be the generation with a unique story to tell.

Lily had her first taste of a trolley last week as we ventured out to the Range to get some essential DIY supplies for some upcoming projects (and snacks for lunch). I cannot tell you how much hand sanitiser we put on those handles (and how long we washed Lily’s hands for when we got home!

I think it is safe to say that she approved of her new set of wheels despite the initial reticence!

Other than that we had the usual week at home, just hanging out playing with her new sorting shapes, and eating blueberries and ham sandwiches.

I must admit I am really going to miss those lazy days when lockdown lifts. The inability to do anything other than hang out at home has been wonderful for us, it has meant we have had all these long lazy days together that we were able to share with uncle Jonnie and Grandad who were both working from home. Come the end of June we will want to catch up on all things Lily has missed out on and “do all the things” which will be wonderful, but I will look back on lockdown as being a wonderful way to just get to know this little one.

That said we can’t wait for lazy days in the garden with Auntie Ellie and my parents and mum in law so we can all just hang out round a big table covered in food! Blossom is beginning to appear on trees and with it comes more proof that better days are ahead and we are edging ever closer to having a fabulous summer

Living Arrows

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  • Oh gosh T, just look at her! She’s just so beautiful and SO BIG! I swear she was born two minutes ago. This generation of babies really have had a very strange beginning x

  • She’s so adorable! I wonder how much of the last year my boys will remember? I hope that in a few years time they’ll only remember the good bits and all the extra time we got to spend together. #LivingArrows