Lockdown Valentine’s Ideas

There is no denying that Valentine’s Day this year is going to look a bit different so I thought I would share some lockdown Valentine’s ideas. Valentine’s Day this year will fall just a month short of a year since lockdown started in March 2020, and so we need to think outside the box for things to do this year. Whether you are single, and dating or have been in a relationship for years hopefully there will be something here to help you have a fun date night.

  • A special dinner. Most of the supermarkets do a dine in for £10 type deal that includes a main course and a dessert so neither of you need to spend all night in the kitchen.
  • Have a special meal delivered from your favourite local restaurant or one of the online favourites like Cote At Home or Cook. Not just a takeaway but something a bit nicer. Maybe even set the table and get out the posh crockery. We have used both of these during lockdown and they have always been a hit.
  • Bake a decadent dessert together. Britain Loves Baking have some lovely boxes you can order in advance that come with all the ingredients you need.
  • Make your other half breakfast in bed. Include a fried egg inside fried bread with a heart shape cut out of it. Or make some heart shaped muffins.
  • Or at the end of the day set up your fire pit and toast some marshmallows or make some s’mores. Sit under duvets and snuggle up together. Yes, it might be cold but 2021 is the year of doing things differently doesnt it?
  • Draw each other! Either with paper and pencils, or with an iPad app, but posing for each other and then having a go at drawing each other could be a real giggle.
  • Go for a walk. Leave the dog at home if they normally go with you. And hold hands. Leave the phone at home and just enjoy being the two of you with no other distractions.
  • Or go out for the evening, virtually. There are a whole host of places you can visit without even leaving home. Museums and galleries are open online, some of them are even free.
  • Get an Atlas out and have a night planning some post lockdown trips. Weekends away, fortnight in a far flung destination, you can start planning them even if you don’t actually book them. You could even buy a travel planner to write down all your notes.
  • Have a movie night or binge a box set, turn off the lights and get a mega bucket of popcorn on the go.
  • How about doing an online wine tasting? Virgin Experience Days are doing one that you can sign up for, including an online tutoring and six different 150ml bottles to work through, all through Zoom.
  • Or even gin. The Friday Night Gin Club is doing an online gin and beer party on February 12th that sounds like it would be fun.
  • How about you recreate your first date. Did you eat in a particular restaurant that does delivery now? Did you see a film you could find on Netflix and watch it again? If you met in a pub, how about getting the same drinks you had that night and pretend your kitchen table is the bar. Roll play being strangers and meeting for the first time again.
  • You can’t beat a pamper night. Bubble bath, manicure, face mask, you could even find some spa music on Spotify for an authentic ambience!
  • Turn your lounge into a disco. Buy a glitter ball, make a playlist of your favourite tunes and dance the night away.

Whatever you end up doing on February 14th I hope you have a lovely evening!

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