The Sage Appliances Precision Brewer

Sage Appliances Precision Brewer

If you know anything about me from reading my blog over the years you will know that every year we visit the London Coffee Festival   It is a great showcase of all things coffee, and increasingly tea and other drinks.  Hello Baileys.

Held at the Old Truman Brewery it is in an area of London that is rapidly becoming one of my favourite parts of the city, just off Brick Lane and I always keep an eye out for the dates to make sure we can pop along on at least one of the days.

You will also know if you have followed me for a while that Sage Appliances are one of my favourite companies.   Our entire kitchen is littered with them to the point that my kids have told me that if I buy another one we will have to rename our kitchen the Sage Wing.  As they are passionate about coffee and have a range of different coffee machines it stands to reason that they also always attend the London Coffee Festival.

Double whammy then, not only do we go along to hang out with the all the cool kids in Old Spitalfields market, and photograph the street art around Brick Lane, we catch up with Sage Appliances and find out what they have been working on since the last Festival.

Machines like the Precision Brewer for instance

New automatic drip coffee machine offers variety of craft coffee brewing options through precise and adjustable digital temperature control technology

I could give you all the “technical” info about how there are five different presets (Gold, Fast, Strong, Over Ice, and Cold Brew) and that you can fine tune it to your own taste by letting you know that you can adjust the Bloom Time, Brewing Time, the Pour Over and the Flow Rate.   I could… or I could just tell you that you that it makes 12 cups of craft coffee in 7 minutes.

To perfection

Every time

You can also save your perfect brew so you get it right every time, and you can even set a timer so that you can wake up to the smell of coffee.


Sage Appliances make a whole range of coffee machines, many of which are used by high end coffee shops because they know their coffee has to be consistently excellent, but this is their first 1.8L drip coffee maker.  In fact it is the first in the world.    It has the same stylish good looks as their other machines, and the same attention to every detail.    In fact Sage Appliances has defined itself as the must have kitchen appliance brand, ensuring that the customers can be assured of getting the same high quality product at home as they do from that coffee shop.

It isn’t out until later in the year and will retail for around £250 but I can see it being on many a Christmas wishlist.

For more info on any of the other Sage Appliances range click here:  Sage Appliances Website

Or come to our kitchen for waffles and ice cream.

And coffee


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