I love days like this

When you open the curtains and see frost on the ground

The sun just poking through the trees that have yet to lose the last of their leaves.




White tops along the hedge

Hearing frost melting off trees and dripping onto the grass


hot tub


Seeing your own breath when you breathe out.

Knowing you have no plans for the whole weekend and intend to go nowhere


water butt


Feeling smug that you did an online food shop yesterday for delivery today and snuck in some edible treats for Saturday night.

Pottering around the house doing more pre-Christmas jobs.



Writing commissioned blog posts that mean you can buy one or two Christmas presents this week

Yep, days like today are when I am at my happiest.   Why I am not a summer person, the idea of wearing a flimsy sun dress and feeling we have to be outside is not me.   Being inside withthe heating on, the door shut and a white (ish) garden, that’s me happy.

Have a good weekend everybody!

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  • I stayed in bed this morning but Mrs H tells me it was cold here as well.
    What a wise decision!