MAD Blog Awards 2014 and Team Honk 2015

It’s been a funny ole week.    As well as the usual working / home life balance there have been two trips to London.  One to visit Comic Relief HQ and one today for the MAD blog awards.   One trip to London in a week takes it out of me as the logistics around it are quite manic, to do it twice is… well, unheard of now.   My days of daily commuting are long gone.

The first was a visit to Comic Relief which was hugely exciting as we were let in on the secrets for 2015.  <runs around screaming with pants on head>    Emma Freud brought her dog, Posy with her.   You have never met a more placcid dog.   But I digress

The ideas they have up their Red Nose Day sleeves are amazing but I am sworn to secrecy at this stage which kills me.   In fact we might have to bring back #SecretThing on Twitter.   We also talked about what Team Honk will be doing to help raise awareness and those all important funds for the ongoing work that Comic Relief do in the UK and around the world.   Hopefully we can let you in on the secret in October, but for now, all I can say is dig out your dancing shoes.

If you joined in this year, a huge thank you.  Truly.   These things are nothing without support.

It is that involvement with Team Honk that sees me as a finalist in the MAD blog awards tonight, being held at the swanky Royal Garden Hotel, in London.  I am in the “Outstanding Contribution” category  amongst some of my favourite bloggers, who are all similarly raising awareness for incredible causes.   To be amongst them is hugely exciting.   I have been a finalist in this Awards before so it’s my first time!  Eek.

As somebody who now lives in leggings and a vaguely clean top, the idea of going out and having to look vaguely spruced up is daunting in itself.   So I was chuffed to bits to have been given a dress by Boden so at least I know my outfit is more than vaguely clean.   Thank God.

If you are there tonight, do come and say hello!  I will be the one nursing a mineral water as I am driving.

And if you voted earlier in the year to get me onto the finalist list, a huge thank you.   I mean it.   We shouldn’t care about these things but when we are doing them for things like Team Honk and all that it stands for, it makes me very proud.

Right, anybody seen my Spanx?

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  • Sexy called – you answered!

    You are going to look fab Tanya – and I’m here for spanx hunting should you need it.

    Ever so proud to be in there with you and Penny. Being a finalist is an amazing feeling anyway, but to be there with some of your best friends, ladies who you admire and aspire to is just next level shizzle.


    Ps. Good luck 🙂

  • Is there no end to this mad woman’s adventures?
    All the best for tonight; let us know what the next
    fundraising effort is asap.
    Ta, ever so!