Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023 — AD

Welcome to my Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2023! I have been sent some lovely things to share with you so shall we just crack on (make sure you see the note at the bottom too about where the gifts have all been sent on to)

QuietOn Noise Cancelling earbuds

You are anything like me then one of the things you really crave when you are sleeping is to cut out all the outside noise. Traffic noise, people slamming doors in hotel corridors, the dog down the road barking, your partner snoring, any and all of these can make sleep miserable if you are sensitive to noise. Popping these into your ears before bed time significantly reduces low-frequency noises to help create a perfect sleeping environment, regardless of what’s happening around you. They cost £249 and come with a handy carry case and charging cable.

Meideya Jewellery

Reasonably priced, these pieces of jewellery are gorgeous and reasonably priced. There are stainless steel pieces, sterling silver and gold plated, and some with gemstones, with prices starting from less than £30. I chose an interlocking ring set, a pair of earrings and a sunshine necklace which came to around £150. There is a 25% discount on the website for certain bundles too at the moment which makes things even more reasonable. (or use First15 for a 15% discount on single items).

Kelly Loves — Ultimate Sushi making kit

Kelly Loves website sells wonderful items from the Far East, all of them foods that Kelly herself finds and loves. There are lots of snacks, meals and kits such as this one. It is a website that is will worth a rummage through and I defy you to not leave it starving! Everything is reasonably priced (with many reduced at the moment) and there is also a vegan section.

The Sushi kit would make a wonderful Mother’s Day present, featuring everything you need to make authentic sushi at home. You just need to add some salmon or vegetables. You can then store your newly made sushi in the bento box. It is fantastic value for around £30.

The Watch Strap Co

We have long been fans of the Watch Strap Co and so when I was asked if I would like to include one in my gift guide I jumped at the chance. There is a huge range of straps on the site, for every Apple Watch, and in a variety of finishes. From leather to woven, to silicone and stainless steel in a vast combination of colours. To be honest it is hard to chose just one. Prices start from around £50 and they all come with next day delivery included for free.

Made by Coopers

I have been lucky enough to include products from Made By Coopers on previous gift guides and love all of their products. They make a range of natural products, infused with essential oils, with a focus on emotional wellbeing. Everything from candles and room diffusers to body scrubs and skincare. I chose a nighttime bundle that features their Sleepy Head Balm, and room and pillow spray, and a lavender eye pillow that can be warmed in the microwave. The balm and room mist smell heavenly and the eye pillow instantly makes you feel as though you have been frowning for days and instantly relaxing. Prices are from around £20


If you know anything about me you know that I love a gin. What I don’t love though is the hangover a few gins can leave me with, or that I can’t drive when I have had one. Which is where have the CleanCo come in. They make a range of alcohol free spirits that you will not be able to tell the difference from a standard spirit. The Rhubarb Gin celebrates the classic flavours of juniper and citrus, with punchy rhubarb and undertones of coriander, mint and cinnamon and is perfect paired with ginger ale. The range also includes rum, whiskey and tequila. Founded by Spencer Matthews, he founded the brand because he thought we should be able to enjoy the delicious, refreshing cocktails we know and love without the repercussions. Priced at £16

NOMO chocolates

These are always a hit in our house as my mum doesnt eat dairy. NOMO stands for No Missing Out and NOMO’s vegan chocolate is dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, and nut-free, which is excellent news for anyone who has allergies or intolerances to these ingredients. They even do a “hazelnot” chocolate bar that is nut free! The range includes small bars, large bars and even Easter eggs. Prices start from a few Pounds and is a must for anybody with intolerances.

Belledorm Eyemask

Belledorm may be more well known for making exceptional home linens and bedding but they also make some beautiful, affordable gift sets too. Like this silk eye mask, scrunchies and silk pillow cases.  Our silk ranges are made from Grade A silk, the highest quality available. The long A grade strands are strong and contain almost no impurities giving a healthy sheen. Smooth, luxurious, naturally hypoallergenic, anti-ageing, anti-bedhead….the health and beauty benefits of silk are endless. Prices from £18


We have been fans of Buyagift for a very long time. If you dont know what to buy, or need to post something then a voucher from Buyagift is a fantastic option. Buying these gives the recipient the opportunity to chose from thousands of experiences on the website and book their chosen afternoon treat or day out. With prices to suit every pocket.

The Copenhagen Company

I am a huge fan of scented candles. There are currently three on my desk, and a similar number in the hall with at least one burning at any given time. I once wrote a post about why life was too short to not burn a smelly candle and still strongly stand by this. So it isn’t surprising that candles are often on my wish list, and generally being wrapped for at least one recipient every Christmas. And so when this one arrived it really didn’t disappoint. Beautifully packaged the scent is beautiful and the silver lid is a lovely touch. Prices start from around £14 and there are a whole range of scents.

Arran Body Care Kit

Another company we love (and whose products currently grace our downstairs loo and often get comments of “ooh that smells lovely”) is Arran, and their gift sets are fabulous value for money. Beautifully packaged with a map on the front of the box showing the area they come from. After the Rain smells exactly of that and is just one of their scents. There are lots of gift sets, travel sets and single products to choose from. The hard part will be narrowing it down! Prices from £14 and there are lots of 3 for 2 deals too (and a men’s range).

Red Letter Days

If you know your mum loves a wonderful dining experience why not book one for her, but give her the opportunity to book the date herself? Perfect if you want to chose the experience but have a mum who travels or works a variety of hours that mean you booking something might need to then be rearranged. Red Letter Days have a range of experiences for all budgets, this one is £150.

As stated when companies were kind enough to send out products for inclusion everything is being donated to a raffle to raise funds for our friend Lucy who is running the London Marathon in aid of Asthma and Lung UK

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