My Top Ten — Neil Donnan

I have been looking forward to reading this list because it is the top ten tunes according to my dad!  Lots of memories from my childhood include music and the fact it was always loud in our house.    So without further ado:

So without making it a “Kepner Tregoe” decision tree, here is a shot at my ‘Nostalgia’ top 10.

Bryan Adams:  Summer of ’69

Because our daughter was born then.   (that would be me!)

Otis Redding:  Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Better than studying

Rod Stewart:  Mandolin Wind

Just  a great tune

The Who:  Baba O’Reilly

Old school mates (yes, really.  My dad was at school with The Who.  One of my greatest claims to fame)

Talking Heads:  Heaven

“… a place where nothing, nothing ever happens”

Dire Straits:  Sultans of Swing

True Hi-Fi, great tune

Pulp:  Common People

“People like me”

Underworld:  Born Slippy

Great dance track.  Great movie too

Biffy Clyro:  Bubbles


Elbow:  One day like this

Upbeat optimism

So there you have it.  My dad’s top ten of pure awesomeness.   What a list.

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