My Week — 12th July



This picture, taken this week, made me laugh so I am sharing.  We had been to Sainsburys and Ellie ended up carrying all the beer, and I had the bags of food.   Nothing like making your teen look like an alcoholic to cement your nomination for Mother of The Year.

Thank you so much for reading and  commenting on these posts and to all the bloggers who have linked up over the past couple of weeks.  I have really loved reading all about what you have got up to, thank you for sharing!   As the end of the school term approaches I am really looking forward to seeing what people get up to in the summer holidays.

Talking of holidays, our week has been pretty much all about ours.   I decided on Tuesday to go back to contact lenses rather glasses.   I have worn glasses since I was two and my prescription has slowly deteriorated over the past year to such an extent I realised the constant headache I had was probably due to a duff prescription.   The local optician fitted me in the same afternoon, measured me for new “back up” glasses and dispatched me with contact lenses to try for a month.    I had contact lenses for <gasp> 26 years before giving them a break two years ago and it was good to get them back.   Except I couldn’t read in them.  Perfect prescription for distance, and driving.  Not so great for reading or the computer so I had to buy some +1 reading glasses which sort of defeated the object.


Back to the optician on Saturday for a trial pair of varifocal contact leneses (I had no idea such a thing even existed!!!) and hoorah.  I can now see.   I can drive legally and I can read.

Oh and I can buy sunglasses.   Something I haven’t done for two years either.   Got to love a pair of shades perched on my head.

I’ve also squeezed in a hair cut this week.  Oh and spray tan.  Ummm… yeah.   Not sure what to say about that.     Nothing like scrubbing the ends of your fingers with a Brillo Pad on a Sunday morning to make it look a bit more natural.     At least I wont look quite so white on the beach though

I also squeezed in speech day on Wednesday for Ellie.  Whilst she finished school on June 12th when her last GCSE ended, and has been off since, technically the end of term was Wednesday.  Speech Day where she was up on stage to collect her academic prize for PE.  My parents came along too and we got to spend lunch dodging showers and catching up on all their news.  Super proud of Ellie and her school friends who have achieved so much since they started at the school five years ago.


Ellie celebrated the end of term by dying her hair pink the day before.  Of course.   I was all set for her to be asked to leave within about ten minutes of arrival but all the teachers were very complimentary.

Mr B worked from home on Thursday to avoid the tube strike in London, and then in the evening he surprised me.  I wrote about it here if you missed it:  Seven Years Ago.

We went out out on Friday night.  Properly out!  Two of Mr B’s friends from uni were celebrated their joint 50ths this year with a party.  And a quiz (I was quite proud that I managed to answer 23 P of C in the H B and 66 B in the B.   Can you?).    I was lovely to spend time chatting to some of his other uni mates.   Hard to believe they have all known each for 30 years and whenever they meet up it’s just like old times.   There are lots of “in jokes” which I can never begin to understand but it’s fun to hear mad stories from their days in Leeds.

It’s rare that I post pics of me, but this was me with my new lenses and new hair cut, going out out so I thought I would share.


Saturday was more holiday prep and house sorting.  And working out how on earth we are going to get suitcases into the car.  It is all very well saying you can have 20KG each but how do you get four people, four suitcases, four bits of a hand luggage and a camera bag into our car?  Or a hire car the other end?

Answers on a postcard please.

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  • Looking good and nice to see what you look like at last. We managed 2 adults and 4 kids with 6 pieces of hand luggage, 6 cases and a tent, but we did have to get 2 taxis to the airport but hired a 7 seater the other end

  • Phwoarrrr Tarnyar you scrub up nicely!

    Sounds like a busy old week but at least you know that next week you’ll be sunning yourself and relaxing. And I will be stalking your instagram feed from rainy old home in the hope of some sunshine beaming through to me 🙂

  • Looking good Tanya 😉

    I am loving Ellie’s hair – my almost 13 y/o daughter is desperate to do something like that with her hair but I think she might be a bit young yet.

  • Look at the luggage through binoculars -BUT THE WRONG WAY!
    Pick up the small cases and put them into the vehicle.
    Hey Presto, QED
    Please donate my one guinea fee to the Mr B charity.

  • Oh T I love that photo of you. I really want to give contact lenses another try but I have gunky eyes – I’d love to get my eyes lasered and ditch the glasses altogether

  • Great haircut. I wear contacts in the summer as just seems easier. Have a great holiday!

  • Loving the new haircut and welcome back to contact lenses… I don’t know how you ever coped without them. Here’s to another fabulous week x