My Week — 27th September


Airport Special Assistance

Suffice to say this week is not exactly the week I had planned this time last week.   In fact this time last week I was pretty much in a co-codamol coma flat on my back on a hotel bed nursing what I suspected was a broken ankle.   As the pain subsided slightly, or maybe it was due to the drugs kicking in, or actually it might have been sugar high brought on by Mr B saying “Drugs?” and me replying “cake”.   I am not sure which, but I thought rather than lie there moaning I would try and do something constructive and think about how to get through two airports, up a flight of aircraft steps, and through that interminable  tunnel from the gate to baggage reclaim at Gatwick.

After initially appearing to be incapable of helping Easyjet did come up trumps and sorted it all out for us, something that will be the subject of a separate post at some point I am sure.

So Monday consisted of getting home, via A&E, and then collapsing on the sofa with copious amounts of tea and the Sky remote as Mr B headed off to boys poker night.    He has worked from home since then so he could do the school runs for me.  Well that was until he got diagnosed with something that means he can’t drive for a couple of weeks.   We are a right pair.

Thankfully the teens are all well and looked after the house brilliantly in our absence.   No signs of any parties, probably because they couldn’t have been bothered to tidy up afterwards.

All in all it has been a quiet week for us, culminating in having to cancel plans for a party in London last night and retreat to the sofa to watch the rugby.   Probably the less said about that the better.

This week’s highlight for me is a meeting on Tuesday with Canvas Holidays at Choccywoccydoodah.  I can’t wait!   Oh and planning what I am going to say to a conference room full of bloggers on Saturday as I co-chair a session on working with brands.  Eek.    Maybe I will just turn up with a cake bought and Tuesday and leave it at that.  Would that work?

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  • Bloggers and cake? Obviously that won’t work……they don’t eat cake, they live on gin!