My Week — August 23rd



It’s been a week of celebrations this week.  GCSE week and Ellie did brilliantly, we are mighty proud of her.  Proof that her hard work and determination (including a PE practical when on crutches) have paid off.   She got all the grades she needed to stay on at sixth form at her current school and do the A levels she wants for a degree in physiotherapy.

Oh and it was my birthday.

A birthday I have managed to stretch out for an entire week it seems.   My parents came over for tea and cake on Sunday and gave me a photography course at the London School of Photography.   It’s next month and I am VERY excited about it.  Two days learning all about my camera and how to take better photos.   A class size of 8 which is good as the  teacher is really going to have his work cut out with me.

Monday was one of those goes by in a whirl.   Tuesday was my birthday and involved more presents, and Mr B working from home and modelling the above wig.  Fetching, I am sure you will agree.      Presents included the most perfect bundle of goodies from Caity and Dan, with this being one of them:

Birthday apron

A bag of beautiful smellies from Jo Malone from Jonnie, and a phone case that is me to a tee

Phone case

And from Ellie a home made chocolate orange cake.   We didn’t have a number 6 candle sadly so the teens improvised (as would only happen in our house).   This made me properly laugh out loud.

Birthday cake

 I also got more smellies from Lady Barrow and Mr B Sr.   I really lucked out on presents this year, my family know me so well.

Rarely am I speechless but I was a bit after Mr B pulled a new Mulberry handbag out of the back of Jonnie’s wardrobe.   I swear it’s Narnia in there.   So speechless I just sort of stood and stared at it.  And then insisted we take it out for dinner.  Makes sense, right?

I also managed to cram in a whole day’s work, a trip the vet, a trip to my granny for more presents,  a full house for dinner and THE most incredible sunset.   So incredible that we jumped in the car to go and find some higher ground to see it properly.


On Saturday night we headed off to London for a night at Maze, which was Mr B’s birthday present from my parents.  Though his birthday was back in May we plumped for the weekend after my birthday.  I am not quite sure why.  Probably something to do with Mr B not then having to pay for dinner for me.  I assumed of course he was taking me.  It was dinner for two in his name, he could have course been planning to take somebody else.

Seven courses, with wine pairings.  The idiot that I am didn’t really read the paperwork properly and clock that so opted to drive.   It being Mr B’s birthday present he got to drink.   All 14 glasses of wine since I could only have less than a sip of mine.   Even my apertif was non-alcoholic.   I won’t be making that mistake again.    This was the pre-starter:  English Breakfast.

English Breakfast

And of course when you come out of London on the A4 at night, you have to take a picture of Harrods all lit up, don’t you.  Of course you do.


I do have to say though that Gordon Ramsay nearly got dumped at the last minute as we swang by a friend’s house and there were thrice cooked chips being made.

Christian's chips

Seriously, it was touch and go and Gordon nearly got binned off.   We dropped in on the way home after dinner hoping to clear up the leftovers but of course there were none.

Big mistake Saunders and Mills Families.  Huge.

Anyway, it’s golf for Mr B today and house sorting for me.

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  • sounds like a lovely week and an amazing birthday with lots of lovely gifts thrown in, love that you drove out to see the sunset, we often do that if it looks like its going to be something spectacular. Enjoy your photography course, im still on manual settings with my nikon and ive had it 9 months