My Week — August 2nd


Camp Bestival Flags

The fact this post is a day late tells you all you need to know about my week.  And the fact I didnt get a chance to comment on the posts linked up last week tells you even more.   Sorry fellow bloggers, I am coming to you as soon as hit publish on this post.

JuJu's Beach Bar

Last Sunday we spent a glorious afternoon on the beach in Barbados, outside a tiny beach bar called Ju-Ju’s.   You won’t find Ju-Ju’s from the road, it is tucked away.   Between a house that used to be owned by Bob Monkhouse before being sold and renovated by Kelly Hoppen and the famous Lone Star restaurant.   This is one of the things I love about Barbados.   There might be a house worth millions next door to a traditional Chattel House the size of a garden shed.   Or a beach bar that does potato wedges to die for.    It really is a great spot to spend an afternoon and seemed to be the perfect place for us to spend our last day on holiday.

We flew home on Monday, landing at 6am on Tuesday morning.  I spent most of the flight penning a letter to Richard Branson about the size of aircraft seats, the food and how generally overnight flights are pretty rubbish.   It is the one thing I hate about holidays, overnight flights, they really are dire, aren’t they?

It was lovely to be home though.  As much as I love being away, I do love coming home.  Even more so when lovely daughter No 1 has filled the fridge and cupboards, and bought fresh flowers after house sitting for a fortnight.     That really was the highlight of the week.

And the end of the relaxation as since then it has been relentless.   Mr B back to being out of the house for 15 hours a day and me trying to juggle everything else.    I have to admit that this week I have struggled.   I haven’t even unpacked my suitcase from Barbados yet.

It was straight back into working on Wednesday and Thursday and friends over for dinner on Thursday.   Good friends we don’t see nearly often enough.     Sadly the weather was against us so the planned barbecue was suddenly an indoor barbecue to keep warm.   There was wine, port and a couple of Barbados-Duty-Free-Cuban-Cigars.   The perfect way to spend a Thursday night.

Bruce Tim and Francis

I didn’t think that though when I had to get up at 5.15am on Friday to tidy up and then drive to down to Midhurst.   Though the drive was beautiful.   If you don’t know the “Devil’s Punchbowl” you should really look it up, it is stunning.  And just up the road from the house my parents have just bought.    They had kindly offered to look after our hound for the weekend whilst we dashed off to Camp Bestival.     We were home by 9.30am and whilst I worked, Mr B pulled together all our camping equipment for a weekend in a field.

Camp Bestival Jam Jar Bar

Camp Bestival really is great fun.   Though it is full on, non-stop, for 72 hours.    There will be separate posts on it over the next few weeks.   Suffice to say when we got home on Sunday it was all I could do to crawl into the house and collapse on the sofa with a curry.

And so it all begins again.

I do hope you have had a good week, and as I said, apologies for this being late.   If you do have a post telling me about your week, I would love to hear from you.

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  • I’m seriously considering Barbados for my next trip having seen your lovely pictures. I unfortunate can’t avoid night flights as most of my travel is solo and I have to make my own way from the airport to family and friends, as there is only a couple of people that are prepared to collect me from the airport. If I take a day flight I can’t get to my destination on public transport