National Coffee Break Day

National Coffee Break Day

Who knew such a day existed?  Well I didn’t until I got my social media calendar pinned up on the wall at the beginning of the year.   Yesterday was National Popcorn Day, and tomorrow is National Hug Day.  But today is National Coffee Break Day.

It is hard having a coffee break when you work from home because there is never anybody around to say “fancy a coffee?”   Or somebody who is off to the frothy coffee shop on the corner to grab you a super skinny vente frothy mocka chocca baby cinno.

With sprinkles on top.

You have to make it yourself.

Which is what I have been doing this year, or trying to do.  Since I wrote my blog post earlier this year on breathing, and taking time out of every day to make sure I spend at least five minutes breathing, I have been also making sure I have one coffee a day, or tea, where I focus on that.   Not on drinking it whilst on the phone or writing a shopping list, but just on the steaming mug in front of me.

And it seems I am not alone in that philosophy.   Hygge, the buzzword of 2016 pretty much centres around coffee.  And candles.   But the philosophy of holding a mug of coffee and enjoying the moment.    You know that phrase about “take time to smell the coffee”?  Well that, essentially.  Smelling the coffee for ten minutes a day whilst taking time to breath is a great way to restore the mind.   And is part of the reason I hate coffee in a plastic cup with a lid on it!  You can’t smell it.

So I am really going to make the effort to do that today, of all days.   Not only because it is National Coffee Break Day today but because I have finished Gilmore Girls and I am in need of a hug (good job that day is tomorrow) because I can’t imagine life without them being in it.  If you haven’t watched it please do, my word is incredible.   And because Trump is happening today.  But lets ignore that last one.

And get back to coffee.

Really good coffee.

Coffee in a big mug, with warmed milk and a cashmere covered hot water bottle if you happen to be at home like I am.  Or if you are at work today and stuck in an office how about grabbing the coffee and going to stand by a window, or in an empty conference room and taking ten minutes out to hug the coffee and pondering the following:

  1.  If you found £10 in a coat pocket tomorrow morning (your coat, I am not suggesting you find this in the pocket of the man standing next to you on the tube.  This isnt about encouraging pick pocketing) what would you do with it?
  2.   If you were stuck in a lift with somebody who would you like that to be?
  3.   Who would you really want it not to be?
  4.   When they make a film of your life who do you want the actor playing you to be?
  5.   Name your top five dinner party guests, living or dead, that you would love to get around a table.

Whatever you do today for National Coffee Break day, make sure you do something for you, just for five minutes.   You will feel so much better for it.  I promise.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to put the kettle on.

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  • I came to this post a little late (Trump is already shocking the world with his ‘out there’ rulings) but I shall embrace the concept of the Coffee Break wholeheartely. I can also feel your pain over the Gilmore Girls, I used to watch it every lunchtime and it was as if dear friends of mine had fallen off a cliff once I’d watched the last one! I think I still have some of the early series to watch, and maybe I have forgotten enough to start again. Love your blog!