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I have to admit I am not always a fan of yogurt. Well I am, but sometimes I find they are just too, well yogurty. The flavour is a bit too over the top and the mouth feel is a bit synthetic rather than creamy. You know how a goats cheese can sometimes just taste of grass? A bit like that.

But then I have never made yogurt at home, so when Probio7 got in touch and asked if I would like to try out their yogurt machine I said “yes please”.

What sets this yogurt apart from any others is that you make “live yogurt”, that is it has friendly bacteria in it that help you have a healthy gut. Probio7 make it easy to do because they sell starter bacteria sachets, in handy sizes so you simply mix one in with your milk and put it in the machine. These bacteria ferment to produce lactic acid which creates the yogurt’s consistency. Unlike many other starter bacteria sachets Proibio7 Happy gut also includes three clinically researched strains to support our gut health.

Probio7 suggest that the yogurt you make is made using Jersey UHT milk. Doing this means you can simply add the sachet to the milk in the large bottle they provide and once mixed pour that into your containers and add them to the yogurt maker. If you choose to use other milks you would need to preheat (and cool them) and you wont get such a creamy result. The team at Probio7 did a considerable amount of research on the best milk to use and eventually found Jersey Milk was the best one, the trouble is you cant import Jersey Milk directly into the UK (who knew?!) so they partnered with Holland Jersey Cows which makes it really easy to buy the milk online and have it shipped to you.

When you buy the yogurt maker it comes with both 8 125ml single serving ceramic pots with lids, and two 500ml family sized creamic pots with lids, and a Greek yogurt strainer. This means that by being able to make yogurt in reusable ceramic pots we reduce our disposal of single use plastic considerably.

The yogurt maker is simple to use. It is simply a case of pouring the milk into the bottle (that also comes with the machine), adding a sachet of Happy Gut and shake until mixed. You then add this to either the eight smaller pots or the two larger pots and place the lids firmly on top. 400ml of water is then added to the machine and the ceramic pots placed in too. Secure the lid, plug it in and turn it on.

it takes 8 hours to make fresh yogurt and then it is recommended that it be put in the fridge overnight. It is then good for six days. The machine comes with a recipe book too so you can then use the yogurt to make a fabulous smoothie bowl, some overnight oats, a tzatziki dip, tahini salad, the list is endless!

To buy the yogurt maker, from under £50, click here

And if you want to then get more supplies of Jersey Milk and Happy Gut Bacteria click here

This yogurt truly is the creamiest tastiest yogurt I have ever tried. If you had this in a restaurant you would be begging the chef to give you the recipe.

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