Ranty Friday — Dolce and Gabbana

As so often happens with Ranty Friday, this isn’t the post I was going to publish today.  I have five Ranty Fridays in draft as lots of things recently have annoyed me so I start the posts and then publish them in turn.   This week’s has been bumped.   Because yesterday I saw the above picture.  Okay a picture that was taken in 2007 but that doesn’t make it any less wrong.

And it made me just stop and say “what the actual fudge”.   Well I didn’t say fudge but I don’t want to offend people by really swearing on here.

How on earth could Dolce and Gabbana think this was an acceptable advert?  Which ad agency thought that producing a photograph entitled “dolce-gabbana-ad-showing-a-woman-fully-clothed-in-a-tight-dress-and-spiked-heels-lies-on-her-back-hips-raised-as-a-bare-chested-man-holds-her-down-and-four-other-men-look-on” was fine for publication just five years ago?

And that actually many advertisers still feel it is acceptable to use women semi naked women in their adverts.

Words fail me


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  • I hadn’t actually thought of it until reading your post – 4 men looking on whilst another ‘holds her down’ is completely unacceptable. Well said!

  • But it’s OK for the men to be half-naked?

    IMHO it’s just as important for men and women to be given equal opportunities (for want of a better expression) and that they should be treated the same even in adverts.

    I’m totally with you on the sentiments of your rant though.

  • You are so right! Stick hoodies on those men and shoot the pic in a council estate and you’re looking at gang rape. Make the people beautiful and it somehow becomes an acceptable and effective way to advertise clothes?! Totally wrong.

  • please don’t hate me for saying this, but I don’t find the ad that offensive. I can see where you come from, though, so I totally respect your opinion.

    Dolce and Gabbana often play on their Sicilian roots with their ads and they often twist century-long traditions of women submission or rituals (you often see black veils) by turning said women into powerful figures, but I guess it is not always that obvious what the aim is, therefore I totally get where you come from.

  • A company trying to sell clothes with an advertising agency wanting to appear “edgy”. Really, they are just trying to pull the wool over our eyes. They are not doing a good job with this consumer nor with you. Unfortunately, I think it works for many others, and, really, therein lies my rant.

  • Really!

    An illustration of an Italian Mountain Rescue team attending to a lady mountaineer who collapsed during an ascent in the Dolomites showing the team paramedic checking pulse, breathing and blood pressure prior to her being evacuated to hospital by the rest of his team.

    What’s to complain about? A donation to the Italian Alpini would be in order,

  • I know that companies (particularly fashion ones) like to create a bit of a furore to bump up their popularity but this really is taking the biscuit! I am disgusted that trading standards (or whoever cares about these things) allowed this picture as a form of advertising. Whether it was 2007 or 2027, it really is totally unacceptable and depraved.

  • As a Media Studies teacher I spent lots of time teaching kids how to deconstruct media images, sadly media literacy is a much needed and underrated skill in our society. The problem is, it is predominately young people who are constantly bombarded with these kind of images, made by people much older than them who should bloody well know better.