Ranty Friday — Flying

There is one particular part of flying that really gets on my wick.    Don’t get me wrong, I love flying.    I love almost every aspect of it. Delays don’t particularly annoy me.    Having to sit around for two hours ahead of check in are fine.    Queues are all part of the process and don’t upset me.    But one thing really does.  And it is a really really silly thing.   I admit that.   But last week, having done four flights I was having to bite my fist.

What is it that is I am rabbiting on about on Ranty Friday this week?   Well let me tell you.    You know that moment when the wheels touch down?  When the cabin crew say:

Good morning and welcome to London.   The local time is 05.10am and the temperature is 4 degrees.   Please remain seated until the aircraft has come to a complete stop and the Captain has turned off the seat belt sign

And at that exact moment, whilst the plane is still taxi-ing everybody stands up.  And starts opening overhead cabins, grabbing all their belongings before STANDING IN THE AISLE FOR TWENTY MINUTES.

Why?  Why do people feel the need to stand up and do this only to then stand up for ages as the steps are brought to the plane etc?   The plane is still moving, it could jolt and make everybody fall over like dominos.

Sit the hell down people.

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  • Can’t say I have flown for 10 years but know where you are coming from – they do it on the bus too, especially when they see a pram waiting to get off…….I just sit and wait now!

  • Oh god this really gets my goat! I don’t fly often but I just don’t see why people feel the need to jump up like a crazy person!

    When we were coming back from Portugal a couple of years ago this guy was so eager that he stood for half an hour with his elbow in my face – WHY? Only just resisted the urge to bite the bloody thing.

    People who do it on trains annoy me too. Not for an ordinary stop because I can understand that – but the people that stand up 5 minutes before the “end of the line”. It’s Victoria people, there is no other stop – does it really matter if you’re not the first one off?

    Sit the hell down, indeed!

  • I haven’t flown in 20 years but it’s the same on crowded buses and trains.There’s no need for it and it’s a pain in the arse when your at the front and should be getting off first.

  • Totally agree! Drives me crazy too. As does “the look” you get if you happen to try to step INTO said line, from your seat – even if you do have young kids with you! Maybe everyone is trying to just escape that “oh-so-special-on-board-aroma”?! #just-sayin’

  • ARGH! People just need to follow the darn rules about SEATBELTS! (refer to my ranty posts where I go on about this) We usually wait to be the last off the flight, even with our young kids with us, because there is no hope with everyone in the way.Thank you for providing an outlet for a rant!

  • ah, they be all the smokers who need to get the hell off and out to light up as soon as possible, this may come from somebody guilty of said behaviour some years go. For this I apologise unreservedly……………………..obvs!

  • It’s very annoying and also stupid. I guess if you are really worried you are urgently going to miss an connecting flight, you might be twitchy and want to be ready to leg it off the plane, but actually most people have to be somewhere, getting off a plane, so it makes no sense to be standing, blocking the aisles and ignoring safety rules, really!

  • It is rage inducing but it also made me really giggle to see you getting so angry at the time. I am SO bad I know, I blame the gin you passed me….

  • Yes! Totally and utterly. It’s almost as if the warning does something to people’s brains…and then they look at you, sitting down as if you are mad…