Ranty Friday — What Gets My Goat

I tell you what gets my goat.


The goat thing

I haven’t got a ruddy goat.   Have you?  Has anybody that you have ever met got a goat?


So how can somebody or something get it?  They can’t.

Nor can they get on my wick.  I am not a candle.  I haven’t got a wick.

They also cannot get my back up.    The only thing that gets my back up is my legs when I put them on the floor to get out of bed in the morning.

I don’t have a bugbear either.  Bugbear?  A bear living on a bug?  How big is this sodding bug if it has a bear living on it?  Should that not be the other way around?  Like a tic.

Pet peeve?  Don’t get me started on pet peeves.

Ranty Friday this week is about stupid expressions for being irritated.   I don’t even want to know the origins.

They are stupid.

The end




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  • Ha ha! I do wonder where these sayings come from. You are, however, right. They do not make any sense!

  • I not have a goat either, but I do have tits, and sometimes things get right on them -usually crumbs/wine that I have spilled down my self….

  • Oh that’s given me a hoot on a grey and rainy Friday in Hackney!! Thank you for the most upbeat rant I’ve ever read! x

    • isn’t that one a reference to Marie Antoinette’s famous “let them eat cake” quote. She actually said Brioche apparently, as its cheaper than bread, lost in translation.

  • @JulieRoo I had to Wikipedia it to check, but there doesn’t seem to be any link to France on this expression. The French equivalent does make a bit more sense though as it’s “you can’t have the butter and the money to buy the butter”.

  • What a rich language we have! Let’s cherish it and keep all these lovely expressions.

    Although the BBC is doing its best to change things I stick to using the imported French word restaurateur rather than “restauranter” that keeps hitting me in the ear!

    Recent monstrosities broadcast last week included a pronouncement by an artist [painter] who’d branched out into stand-up comedy and worried about being on stage and possibly “falling between two genres”. I ask you! Why “genre” anyway? What’s wrong with “category” or “type”?

    Wednesday this week brought us a lady who introduced us to “mandatory guidelines”!
    Not absolutely sure but I think “regulations” or “rules” might suffice.

    I get fed up to the back teeth with this language – mangling so tomorrow morning I shall sleep in well beyond SPARROWFART!

    Look it up!