Ranty Friday — Offensive T shirts

Ranty Friday this week is about offensive T shirts and why, well, why I find them offensive.

Whilst strolling around our local market last Sunday I saw a lady, of a similar age to me, walk towards me wearing that T-shirt.  I was stunned.   Nay, disgusted actually.

A)  why would you buy a T-shirt like that; B) why would you wear it out in public?

I get that the world is saturated with “Keep Calm and print this slogan on another piece of tat” and this means that people are unhappy with it.   I do get that, I am getting pretty bored with it all now.   They are everywhere and linked to every conceivable activity.

But would I ever wear a T-shirt to show my displeasure?  A T-shirt with the F word on it?

Why would anybody do that?

When I go shopping, or take my children out shopping do I want them to be confronted with a T shirt with the F word on it?   The week before I saw somebody with a tattoo on his side that also had that word included in it.   And there he was wandering around, with his T shirt OFF, with his family, proudly displaying his body and that word.

“What does that say, daddy?”   Can you imagine?

I am not against the word, I have been known to use it myself on occasion (sorry mum) but you would never see me wearing it on a T shirt.

Would you?  Am I just being a prude?

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  • If we are all Honest we all have used the word verbally, but to have it printed on your body for life? that’s disgraceful and I get so fed with people not having respect for themselves in some the clothes with distasteful comments on it, I don’t want to have answer questions from Son because someone else has decided the logo was funny.

  • hmm I’m not sure what to think about this, I know I’ve seen offensive T-shirts online or in stores and laughed and thought they were cool, but I’ve never bought or worn one and not sure if I would…hmmm.
    I can totally see you not wanting to have your children confronted with that word though.

  • I saw a girl once with a T-Shirt that said “Barbie’s a C**T”

    It made me so angry that I nearly ran over and ripped it right off her!

  • Just for info, it is an offence under the Public Order Act.

    There is just no need for foul language to be paraded around in public, we tut tut at graffiti and that is removed swiftly by the powers that be. She should have been made to cover it up at the very least !!

    • Really? That is really interesting. Though I can’t imagine the language if I had pointed that out to her on Sunday!!

  • I totally agree. I just don’t get it. Why would anybody think they’re funny or suitable to wear out and about. My boys are little but Z is an inquisitive little monkey and always asks me what things says. How rubbish will it be when he can read that? Hate them.

  • I used to wear those tongue in cheek FCUK t shirts when they were all the rage in my very early 20s!
    I once wore a t-shirt at Uni that had a little ode to snogging on it & due to the font one of my lecturers thought it said shagging! Didn’t wear that again!
    I wouldn’t wear anything with such an offensive word on it now though!
    And I certainly wouldn’t have a rude word permanently etched on my body!!

  • a club in Ibiza (possibly Pacha) does a weekly event with a (probably) very famous DJ called ‘F**k me i’m famous’ they T shirts for children with this slogan on it. What kind of person designs such a thing for a child and what kind of parent would buy it?

  • I’m torn on this, what some find offensive others don’t, but certain tshirt slogans are just unnecessarily rude. I saw a “Jesus is a c&&&” tshirt, which I thought was disgusting

  • I am a former bit-of-a-wild-child and i think in my younger days (MUCH) younger days, I would possibly have worn something offensive. Although i don’t think i’d go so far as having swear words on it. But now as an older member of society (well, 37!) I think it just shows HUGE immaturity. I use that word occasionally but never around children and my usage has reduced wholly because i have a child that can now talk. I’m not a prude and i am partial to subversive humour for sure, eg I LOVE Stewart Lee. He’s very sweary. But that’s in context, out of the reach of children and the general public. I think i am also much more aware and care much more about the older generation now. And I can’t imagine how upsetting it must be to see these kinds of things plastered all over the media let alone on peoples backs. So yes, I’m with you on this 100%!

  • Tee shirts, tattoos and car stickers, I’ve no children but spend lots of time with neices and nephews, but it makes me cross, especially when they’re learning to read, they sound out everything, and you have to stop them reading and explain to them.

  • I am no prude, and yes, I have said that word, but to have it imprinted permanently on your body just seems crude and beyond tacky and I cannot stand the “Keep Calm” stuff any more. It was fun when it was original but now it’s just silly and to add a swear word on a t-shirt? Really!

  • Jesus! Who the hell would tattoo the word F**K on their body?? I despair of the common man of Great Britain, because he is just that – COMMON (as my mother would say!)

  • I could imagine Sarah Prick might be OK wearing such a disgusting garment but normal people?
    I wonder what would happen if a complaint were to be made to a patrolling gendarme.

  • I saw a very similar one out today with the children – thankfully the text was ornate enough for the children not to be able to decipher it. Wrong – just wrong.

  • No, I would never wear anything like that or have it tattooed on me.

    My partner is in a Heavy Metal band and I have to remind him sometimes that while a tee may be suitable for the late night adult gig, it’s not suitable during the day, in front of the kids, teachers and general public etc. I think he just sees them as black tee with his much loved bands on.

    The other worrying thing about offensive clothing is when innocent people buy them inadvertently. My friends husband took his daughter to buy a sunhat while at the beach as she had lost hers. She chose a hat as it had a pretty plant on. Comes back to show her mum, proud as punch- it was an “I love Marijuana” cap! It was very swiftly taken back to the shop!


  • I totally agree with you, & am also bored of the Keep Calm stuff anyway (apart from the ‘Keep Calm I’m The Doctor’ t-shirt my little brother has with a tardis on it, that’s cool!)

    I get made fun of on Twitter and Facebook for not liking bad language in my feeds when people know that I swear in “real life” but something about these words in print makes me cringe! Maybe because I know my parents may see it or the youngsters in the family but mostly because if you can’t express yourself with the written word without using bad language it’s a damn* shame!

    *pardon my French 🙂

  • It annoys me, completely unnecessary and my children are of an age 7/9 they can read it, know they shouldn’t say it but find it utterly hilarious to whisper it back and forth sniggering for far too long! x