Ranty Friday — Simon Cowell’s Baby

Yes, Ranty Friday this week is about Simon Cowell’s baby.   Not ranting AT the baby you understand, I feel sorry for the poor embryo.   I am not even ranting at Simon Cowell or the young lady who is carrying said child.  Though I suspect Mr Silverman, married to said lady might have had a few choice words to say.

No I am ranting at the media’s obsession with this story.    “Woman gets pregnant” is hardly news.    Nor is it really news worthy the fact she is married to somebody else, mildly interesting, maybe.   In the mildly interesting way that you get to flick through a magazine at the dentist.

The column inches devoted to this story is just madness.  MADNESS.   I know I shouldn’t look at the Daily Fail but I can’t help myself.   The picture above is headline.   According to them, there is no other world news.  There is nothing more note worthy than this story.   A baby dying at the hands of his mother and stepfather, a man convicted of hideous crimes involving imprisonment and rape, Syria…. nope.   All relegated.   Relegated to further down the page to make sure that this story gets maximum exposure.

And as for the side bar of shame.  We have no less than six separate stories.  Six.   On one day.


Seriously?  Other than people like me who can use this as ranty blog fodder does anybody else actually care?

Have I missed something?

Is this the second coming?  Is Cowell really more than a music mogul but actually a deity who has produced a new God?

No, I didn’t think so

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  • The only newspaper on the flight back from Sicily yesterday was The Daily Mail so I read it (and yes as per usual I was seething by the end of it). The thing that shocked me was that Simon Cowell getting someone pregnant was deemed more important news than the 4 year old being killed by the violent neglect of his mother and her partner.
    I look for news in a newspaper not what they think is the biggest pulling sensationalist scandal – and like you say woman gets pregnant is hardly a scandal!

    There endeth my rant

  • I’m so not with it, I had no idea about any of this…. Like you say, is it really the only news? Elections in Zimbawe, people being killed in droves in Syria, children being murdered…. Nah, the juicy and dodgy details of some celebrities life are definitely a priority! Sad really.

  • Insanity. Sadly it’s a sign of the times that we live in now, people are interested in this stuff sadly, they don’t care about the real news.

  • It was like a ‘News Flash’ type announcement!!! It was everywhere! I must admit I did click straight on it to have a read lol. But yes.. doesn’t warrant this type of coverage! We’ll have this for months now too!! Help!!!!!

  • You do know that the “friend close to Simon” and the usual “source” of all this news about him is usually Sinita? She’s well known for slipping bits of information to the Fail (and other media outlets).

    Her twitter comment was just the start of the snowball 😀

    • Ahh, I suspected. She is such a hanger on. Bit sad really. She should have stuck to Brad Pitt in the 80s 🙂

  • It saddens me that stuff like this makes headlines when there is so much else going on in the world.

    But some people do care and want news like this trash

  • Nothing newsworthy out there at the moment eh? That’s when they resort to printing this kind of shite!

  • I confess I often check up on the Daily … to catch up on gossip back in Blighty but have been rather peeved last few days that Cowell’s baby seems to have been taking over all the news. Glad to see from your ranty friday that my feelings have been mutual!

  • Never realised Sunita was with Brad Pitt!

    Anyway, great post as always. Always love your rants! I had my mum and her partner here last week and he gets the Fail every day (unfortunately) so it’s been on our kitchen table and it was quite hard to miss this rather important piece of news about the second coming.

    Apart from the fact the paper has a terrible reputation since social media became overwhelming with trending topics such as ‘Liz Jones’ and ‘Katie Hopkins’ blah blah blah, Simon Cowell is a prize prick who obviously couldn’t keep his tackle to himself. Now he’s paying the price, perhaps a little hefty, but still, dip your wick in a gold digger and pay the price.

    CJ x