Ranty Friday — Over stuffed plates


empty plates

I could have ranted about so much this week but I am writing this post at 6.30am before I wake the teen at 7am and then leave the house at 7.30am and don’t return until 6pm.  I have already showered, dressed, fed the cats, tidied the lounge, put the washing machine on, worked out to have for dinner and folded a pile of towels.   In fact I could rant about the fact it is so unfair we only have 24 hours in a day and that I have spend 6 of them asleep.   I could rant about that for hours but sadly that is probably just boring and I need to get this done because I also need to make a cup of tea before I die and walk the dog.

So anyway, Ranty Friday this week and I am talking about over stuffed plates of food.  Simply because it is just such a waste of food.   Sparked by this:


Creating plates of food that we know are going to be binned.   There is absolutely no way anybody can possibly eat the following in one sitting:

six each of bacon rashers, sausages, eggs, black puddings and hash browns, the monstrous meal also comes with  two three-egg omelettes and four portions each of fried potatoes and fried mushrooms. 

It also has four onion rings, four slices of toast, two portions of stewed tomatoes, two portions baked beans, two slices fried bead and half a grilled tomato

So what is going to happen to that food?  Yep.   Dumped.   What’s the point?   It is just shameful waste, in an age when so much food is wasted.

Ditto this:


Now this one makes me rant for not only the stupidity of it.   And I say that as somebody who loves bacon.  Believe me I love a bacon sandwich.   But if the calories don’t get you on this one god only knows what the salt content is going to do to you.

And don’t get me started on the 15 Shades nonsense.    As that film opening approaches next month I can feel my blood beginning to boil more and more.   I saw a local estate agent using “50 shades” as part of their advertising this week and I wanted to throttle them.   They think it’s mildly amusing to base advertising on a book based on an abusive relationship?  Hmm I might need to come back to this one.

But for now I will leave you know that these sorts of gimmick meals make me very grumpy.  And feel very sad that shops owners are cooking food they know will just get binned.   I don’t see the point when we live in a country with such huge amounts of food waste.   What is it the average family bins every week?  Around £60 worth of food, or that could be a month but its monstrous amount.   I used to be the same and have made a concerted effort to stop.   Hence giving Mr B lasagne with aubergine in it this week.   We got it in our veg box delivery and neither of us really like it but I was determined to not sling it on the compost.

Or is it just for free advertising?   And to be the wrapping for the fish and chips from the shop down the road tomorrow?

<shakes head and wanders off for the day>

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  • I hate this stuff, when there are so many people struggling to feed their families it is disgusting that so much is going to waste! It’s just sick!
    I have such a rant to write this morning – just waiting for some numbers to come through on an email and my keyboard will be steaming!

  • One of my biggest bugbears. We as a nation overeat massively, and marketing is largely to blame. As you know I’ve recently had to take a look at the amount of fat and carbohydrate in everything we eat as a family, and I’m actually shocked by how much we used to eat, thinking we were a healthy family. And it’s because of everything I bought, was enticed to order, and convinced myself was good value. I’ve had to fight the urge to pile biscuits and cake into my shopping trolley every time I visit a shop, and it’s made me realise quite how much we are bombarded with marketing messages that make us overeat. And as you say, this, when there are people starving, and not just in the 3rd world – in our own country too.

    Wrong on so so many levels.

  • So this means that you aren’t going to give me the Waffle and Gin challenge next week then?
    SHAME Barrow. SHAME

  • Oh I hate, hate, hate these things. They must be doing it for advertising but to plate up food that will definitely be wasted when there are people starving, not just abroad, but in our own country, is disgusting. Makes me so mad.

  • I agree, there are plenty of stories in the media about food waste and obesity that people should be aware of the issues about these meals. I’m aware of food waste so when I order food I always ask for it without the bits I won’t eat such as the side salad and get annoyed if they ignore me and if they serve something that wasn’t mentioned on the menu.