Reasons to be Cheerful — Part II

It is easy to be depressed as the nights draw in and it gets colder so here are some reasons why I am cheerful this week:

1)  I was reminded that we live in a country that has an amazing ambulance service and emergency room staff when my granny fell at home.   The ambulance arrived within ten minutes of my calling them, my grandmother was treated with dignity and respect and escorted to hospital swiftly.   An evening in A&E with lots of support / assistance and painkillers before being taken up to theatre at midnight.  There followed two days on the ward and then granny was home again.   We take our NHS for granted so much and are so incredibly to live in a country that has this service.


2)  Which brings me to being cheerful that my granny is home!  An amazing 83 year old lady who amazed the doctors when they asked what regular medications she was on and the response was “none”.   Dislocating a hip at that age is no small incident but to be up and about the next day and home within three is testament to Granny’s spirit.


3)  Papa Barrow is also back up on his feet!  And last weekend Mr B got to take him to a hockey match after Papa B had worked hard enough to be able to tackle getting in and out of a car.   A huge step in the right direction as hockey is a big part of Papa B’s life and I know how much this trip out of the hospital will have meant to him.    Home straight now to be home at the end of the month hopefully.


4)  We are off to see KT Tunstall tonight!   We love KT and cannot wait to see her play the Union Chapel tonight.  A really initmate venue, though not as intimate as our lounge last year.    It still makes us smile every time we think about that day and we feel that as KT came to us we should make the effort to go to her whenever we can.


5)   I have the most amazing friends and family.   Various conversations this week have really re-inforced to me the importance of friendship.   I have blogged before that I don’t have hundreds of friends but those that I have are amazing.   There for me on the phone / Twitter / in real life and there to pick up children from school or have them overnight which allows Mr B and I to do things like (4) above.  My friends make me incredibly happy and I hope I never take them for granted.


Five great reasons to be cheerful this week!


This is my day 9 entry for Britmums #NaBloPoMo where I have committed to blog everyday in November

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  • Lovely lady with the right attitude to life. We only get one go at this and you are a fine example of how to do it. Glad I got to know you , we will meet one day.
    Love Wincey XX