Reasons to be cheerful — Part III

I haven’t done one of these for a while so I thought it was about time I did another one.

1)  Papa Barrow is coming home this week!  Following his stroke in late August he has been in hospital but has made an amazing recovery.   So much so that he is going to be allowed home.   This is fabulous news and means he will be there when we go up for Christmas.

2)  It is nearly the end of term.  Not only am I happy about this for my sake but for the children’s, they are exhausted and need some time off.   I know it isn’t long since the end of the summer holidays but I think this is a really tough term once the clocks change and they need a break.  As do I!   Two hours  a day that I can spend on doing something else!

3)  Having been a contractor for three months Mr B has finally signed a contract as a full time employee with the company.   Woohhoooooo.   This is fabulous news and I am so thrilled for him.   It’s been a tough few years with redundancy / companies going bust etc so this is great news for him.

4)  J was offered a place in the sixth form of his school this week.   He had to submit a CV (not that easy at 16!), complete the application form and write a covering letter.   All of this he did, ahead of the deadline and was proud of his achievement.  As was I.    It was great to see, therefore, that this has been rewarded with the offer of a place next year, for the four A levels he wants to do.

5)  The Christmas decorations are all up.   B and I went out for an hour on Sunday morning and when we got back found that E and J had done the lot!  Got them all out of the garage, sorted them, put the tree up, decorated it and put other decorations around the house.  We have face snow on windows, paper decorations up and tinsel aplenty.   It all looks fab and the fact it was done without asking, or without a stabbing makes me very happy.

6)  I have done most of my Christmas shopping.  Don’t hate me.  I usually try to do it before the end of term and as I work from home and can be in to sign for deliveries I do the majority of it online.    There is still some to do (mostly because I don’t know what to buy) but it is good to know that a lot of it has been done, and wrapped.


So, yay!  A few reasons why I am a happy bunny this week (even if I am fighting the lurgy!).




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