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Traveling to beautiful places allows us to make some of our very best memories. As time passes, the details of these memories can become hazy, which is why it’s a great idea to record your traveling experiences. To help you preserve your adventures, try checking out these 7 ways to record your travels.

1 . Create a video blog

Creating a video blog is a fantastic way to record a travelling trip. There are lots of platforms that you can use for vlogging, including Youtube, Instagram, Facebook or Vimeo. Making travel videos is plenty of fun and you don’t need to be a skilled videographer to get some great footage on your iphone. Photography is great, but when you create videos you can really capture the story of your trip.

2. Collect souvenirs 

Collecting souvenirs is another wonderful way to preserve your time away. Buying objects from different countries and cultures allows you to hold onto your memories there. You might purchase jewellery, clothing, ornaments, art pieces or crystals? If you’re traveling with children you should also encourage them to pick out special souvenirs.

Of course, souvenirs don’t have to be special gifts. You could just as easily keep maps, tickets or coasters? Keepsakes like these are perfect to make a travel scrapbook.

3. Different types of photography 

Naturally you’ll want to take lots of photos of your travels. If you’d like to get creative why not try experimenting with a few different types of photography? For example you might purchase a special underwater camera so you can take pictures in the ocean? When you take pictures of your family or travel buddies, why not try a few candid shots? Candid photos can come out particularly beautiful as these are authentic, allowing you to really capture the moment.

Before you head off it’s worth reading up on some travel photography tips, remember you don’t need to be a pro to take some seriously gorgeous pics. To keep your photography extra safe you’ll need to learn how to upload photos to icloud.

4. Pinterest boards

There are lots of different ways that you can use Pinterest boards, the site is a great platform for documenting a trip. You can use Pinterest to collect memories, for instance, you can pin the foods you’ve sampled, maps of your journey, photos or blog entries.

What’s more, Pinterest is also the perfect place to find travel inspiration and travel planning tips. You can create boards for different categories, and save the inspiration that you find. For example, if you’re going to Sydney Australia you might make a board called ‘best places to eat in Sydney’, or ‘things to do in Sydney.’

5. Social media accounts

If you enjoy documenting your life on social media, it’s pretty likely you’ll want to share details of your trip here. There are lots of ways that you can record your travels, from photographs to videos or live streams. You can create written posts about what you’ve been doing each day, and check in to famous landmarks.

If you’re travelling alone and you’re looking for social meetups you might want to check out Facebook groups. For example, ‘Solo Women Travelers’ is an awesome group for women who are looking for tips or travel buddies.

6. Make art work

Perhaps you’re the creative type? If that’s the case you might fancy making art work inspired by your trip? There are lots of ways to make travel inspired art, you could draw sketches of landscapes, or paint pictures of the ocean? You might collect shells and sand on the beach and make a collage, (this is especially fun if you’re traveling with children)!

7. A creative journal

Some people don’t like to post their life on social media, if you prefer traditional journaling methods why not write a journal by hand?  Writing a journal is an amazing way to preserve a travelling journey. There are endless ways that you can get creative. Challenge yourself to write poetic journal entries, using words to capture the emotions, sounds, smells and sights of your trip.

If you’re not used to writing a creative journal you might be a bit stumped for ideas. The best thing to do is to take a look at some creative journaling tips. There are lots of online exercises you can do to improve your travel journaling skills.

However you preserve your trip, you’ll be glad that you took the time to record your memories. Documenting your journey is about cherishing your experiences, and looking back at these great memories in the future.

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