I don’t know about you but I need routine.   It was with a massive sigh of relief that I greeted yesterday and felt myself visibly relax.  Not that I realised how tense I really was.

You see, I am a creature of habit, I like routine.  It makes me feel grounded and safe and a lack of it makes me edgy.   So when youngest teen went back to school, middle teen having gone the day before (and eldest teen now in her own new coop) it felt like normality had been restored.  Not that there is any kind of normal for us.   If I told you about some of the insane things that are coming up for us in the next few weeks you would shake your head and say “what?!!”.    J has got to the point now where he doesn’t talk about what goes on at home with me and the blog as he says it just too embarrassing and his mates will get to the point of thinking he is lying or that he is showing off.

No two days are ever the same and there is always something going on, sometimes serious, sometimes crazy bonkers, but around that is a framework that sees the alarm go off at a certain time for Mr B and I, he leaves, he sort teens, do the school run, put the kettle on, walk the dog, drink tea, potter and tidy the kitchen, sit down at the laptop and then rule the world do stuff.     Saturdays are my day to blog and schedule posts, catch up on reading etc, Sunday is the day to do stuff around the house.

That’s how it is and it works

Don’t get me wrong, I loved December and us going away for Christmas as one big family to Cornwall, it was great fun.  But three day weeks, two day weeks, teens being home and wanting breakfast at lunchtime and bacon sandwiches at 2am completely throws me after a while.  And then this week we lost our broadband and Mr B’s car wouldn’t start.  So he took my car as it seemed the sensible thing to do.  Until we realised our broadband was not an issue we could fix so it left me marooned from the outside world.  On the day there was a lot of Team Honk stuff happening.  And I had no car.

Day two and we had no broadband but Mr B worked from home to get his car sorted and it meant we had to go a friend’s coffee shop (More Than Coffee in Fleet, if you ever need coffee in Fleet, that is the only place to go) in the morning and a pub in the afternoon ( I know, hand to).  Oh and get middle teen’s car MOT’ed on the day he had to go back to college.   Cue Mr B taking him (took him three hours.  When you read about flooding along the Thames in Berkshire, they aren’t kidding) and me picking him up (Reading.  Evening rush hour.  I will say no more).

That just about finished me off.   I pleaded to the BT God’s for the new hub they delivered to work.    I prayed to the car Gods to pass Jonnie’s car.

And so yesterday morning when you thought you heard a huge gust of wind?  Let me tell you, it wasn’t.  It was me.

Breathing out

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  • Oh Mamma B – no car, no internet, large quantities of wet stuff and having to deal with BT. That is not fair on any living soul, let alone one leading the Honksters.

    I am glad however, that the gust of wind was only you breathing out – no other escape of wind…

  • Wow sounds like you had a crazy few days in your house!
    As long as my toddler is in routine then i can deal with everything around it. But as soon as that routine is messed up or interfered with then i too also go a little scatty!!

    Thanking my lucky stars i do not have teenagers to deal with yet!
    Ah the days of bacon sarnies at 2am!…….. Long gone

  • Normality came back to me on Tuesday when Z returned to school and P to work. I feel much lighter already as a result. Still catching up on lots of stuff, but really need the mental and physical space to be able to do so. We lost our internet connection before Christmas and as I work from home, this was a huge problem, so I worked for a couple of hours from the local library. And that was a lovely change of routine…

  • Totally with you! Everyone going back to school and Scotland is sad because I miss them, it is nice to have the house back! HOpe the car and broadband issue is sorted! x x x