Royal Caribbean and Sally Gunnell

Royal Caribbean

“Morning it’s Sally, how are you?”

Said the cheery voice when I answered the phone in our villa on holiday last week.   It was 5.45am, I was up and busy and Sally Gunnell was calling for a pre-arranged chat about Royal Caribbean cruises and why she loves them so much.  Yes, that Sally Gunnell.  THE Sally Gunnell.   Olympic medal winning hurdler Sally Gunnell.

We had met Sally when we spent the day aboard Independence of the Seas in June and had seen for ourselves how much Sally and her family being aboard ship so her answer came as no surprise when I asked her why she loved cruising with Royal Caribbean.

“With three boys aged 8, 12, 15 it was impossible on holiday to find something that all three want to do and would enjoy without arguing”, said Sally.   Sally went on to explain that there is so much to do on board a Royal Caribbean ship that the boys can either go off together, or meet up with friends and try out all the sport activities on board.  A particular favourite is the Flo-Rider, which we witnessed first hand!  This leaves Sally plenty of opportunity to sneak off and find a quiet corner with a book.

Sally told me that people are often put off cruises by the sheer size of the ship and the number of people on board.   “They shouldn’t be” she said, “there is always a quiet corner somewhere”.

I asked Sally if it was just as much about the journey as the destination and she told me it was definitely that.   That whilst you choose your cruise for the destinations it stops at, you should also think about and plan your time on board.   I didn’t realise but Sally told me that you can book your seats to on board events and that it is wise to do so to make sure it is not fully booked on the nights you want to attend.   You can do that online before you leave, which sounds great!

Sally doesn’t need to tell me anymore!  I am sold!

 My final questions to Sally was to ask her what drink I could buy her at the bar to say thank you for talking to me.   “ooh a margarita please”, Sally replied.

And my final question was “Marmalade or Marmite”.

“Marmite”, Sally replied.  Instantly.

Hmmmm   you can go off people, you know.

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