Secret Thing Part II

This is it then.  The announcement of Secret Thing part II.   And by getting to this point you have already seen the picture above and know what we have planned.

Well actually we don’t have it planned we just know we want to do it and we can’t do that without you.   We have no idea what date we will start on, the exact route, how many will be involved.  Nothing.  Nada.  Rien.  Zilch.

But we do have an overwhelming urge to do it and a fundamental belief that it will work and with minimum effort from people raise thousands for Sports Relief.

We know it is about 1000 miles.  <gulp>  Which broken down is around 15 miles a day for 90 days.   So if we could get 90 bloggers that is still an epic challenge.   Or how about we get 1000 bloggers to do a mile each?  How unbelievable would that be?!

So what next?

We need you basically.   What we would like from you at this stage is to sign up that you are interested in being involved.    Annie the whizz has made a really simple form which is here:

I want in!


Tell us where you live

how far would you be willing to travel to get to a “baton point” on our relay?

Once on the route how far would you be able to travel?

How would you do your stint?  No motorised transport allowed so would you do it in a onesie?  On a scooter?  On your hands?  Backwards?

In November Comic Relief will open up their fund raising pages like they did last year and we will sign up Team Honk as one team.  Under that team each individual will have their own page to raise sponsorship, with all amounts raised going towards our group total.

Do you know of lots of other bloggers nearby that you could organise a team of you to do a stretch?

Maybe you can’t do anything physical but would be willing to sell cakes at a stage to raise money?

Or you just want to be involved in Tweeting links, doing logistics, anything!!


We are also going to be regularly updating the Team Honk website and twitter feed, so do follow us there too.  Keep up to date on developments too by signing up here:

Sign up to join Team Honk

In the meantime, here are Annie and Penny’s posts for today too

Mammasaurus Non Motorised blogger relay

Aresidence TeamHonk2014 UK relay


Tell us you are in and up for raising even a tenner to change a life.


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