So Gadaffi is dead…

…  does that mean we need his final words or his face before and after execution splashed all over the front of the press?

No, I don’t think it does.

WH Smith recently decided that such magazines as Attitude and Gay Times should only be available form behind the counter, for reasons best known to themselves.  Yet today their stores will be full of copies of mainstream newspapers showing the warm corpse of a dead man.

Their newspaper delivery boys and girls, typically 13 -15 year olds, will be delivering these papers to houses all over the country, unable to avoid seeing the pictures.

I know we often joke about “oh if we don’t see the proof  it didn’t happen”, particuarly on Twitter when you exclaim “oh I have just seen [insert celeb name]” but in cases such as this, we don’t need to see it, really we don’t.

As long as those that matter have the proof, such as the Heads of Governments etc or the military, I believe them.   I don’t actually need to see it.   And nor do my children.

The world was horrified this week as a two year old was run over in the far east and a number of people walked past without stopping to help.  This was caught on video, I have to ask myself why.   Why did somebody think it should be videoed?  And why did somebody have to circulate that?  It is now on Youtube where over a million people have watched it.

Why?  We have seen the photographs, we have heard it reported, we don’t need to see the actual footage.  What are we becoming?  A society where this sort of thing is “mainstream”?

Where will this end?


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  • I totally agree. I was horrified yesterday seeing the mobile video forage the bbc was running on their news channel. Yes the world may be a better place without him but his body should not have been treated that way and we don’t need it on the front pages of the papers.

    He may have caused the world incredible suffering and everyone was quick I condem his treading of other humans.. But hasn’t he just been treated the same way by those who were outraged!

    It’s certainly a new dawn for millions today but the worlds media needs to take a look at their own behaviour here!

  • I think the poor little girl who died was filmed on security camera.

    Completely agree re Gadaffi, shall be ranting about it myself later on.

  • Even if proof were required, turning to page 5 wouldn’t hurt anybody, would it? Why splash it all over the front page? To sell papers, that’s why. I avoid papers. They’re beneath contempt.