Sometimes face-to-face is best

Due to the fact that I am a really important high powered business woman lazy,  I do nearly all of my dealings with the outside world on the internet.

Reasearch / work / shopping / travel / liaison with school / arranging social events etc, all done via a website or email.   My tweet feed is testimony to how I interact with the outside world remotely.

Today though I was reminded that sometimes you just can’t beat doing some things face to face.

I have been sitting on the paper work for C’s new car since the middle of last month.  Log book / personal plate transfer / tax disc renewal etc all needed to be put into her name.   All beautifully filed in a nice shiny new file folder, with a compartment for MOT / insurance / driving licence / invoice but still staring at me, screaming to be done.

Today we finally decided to get it done and drove to the DVLA office in Theale.

Just half an hour from us, we managed to park outside, took a ticket and waited.  We were sixth in line.  I had allowed three hours for this task, advising C to bring something to read, and settled down to read Twitter for what I had anticipated would be an hour and a half.   No such luck.  We were seen 10 minutes later.  Waved over to the cheery Ellie who didnt bat an eyelid at what I wanted to do.

New log book ordered, tax disc changed, plates transferred,  all sorted, with a cheery smile.  I also managed to get the SORN done on Mr B’s car that is on our drive awaiting its fate, another task that has been on our to do list for a month.

No hassle, no waiting around, all done and out again within half an hour.

It reminded me that maybe I should get out more and not rely on my mouse for everything.


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