Summer Garden Lighting Trends

A few extras can add a little sparkle to your garden in addition to the obvious ways to prepare it for summer. 

The outside of your home can be lit up and completely changed when fitting outdoor lighting. Likewise, creating an atmosphere in your garden is crucial to summer. You can run lights from one side of the garden to the other or by weaving them around your tree. 

This has many advantages, including better visibility, which allows you to enjoy the long summer nights, as well as the fact that outdoor lighting is the ideal decoration, making your space appear ready for whatever you may want to do in it.

Lanterns Hung from Trees 

Getting your hands on a lovely twinkle tree lamp or two is highly recommended if you want to design a magical garden which comes to life at night. A glimmering tree lamp hanging from your tree can cast your outdoor space in a beautiful, warm light ideal for outdoor dinner parties, adding depth and drama to your outdoor setting. 

You could use a rattan solar lantern with a rechargeable battery and emit white LED light through the rattan weaving, creating the most incredible shadows over your gardens. Alternatively, you could put this lovely garden light on your patio table or use it as a floor lamp on your balcony or patio.

Outdoor Table Lamps 

Use charming candlelight, outdoor lanterns, and solar fairy lights to host small dinner parties in your garden. To begin, place a light source in the middle of your outdoor table and work your way outward. To make an eye-catching display, it is advised to choose something substantial like a lantern and place numerous candlesticks or candles around it. 

Additionally, think about hanging lamps or fairy lights above your garden table to make an impression outside. This is also a practical idea if you have a small table and must leave the table free of decorations for the food and wine.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps lights will not only admit a beautiful light and are remarkably practical solutions for lighting your outdoor space, from your garden walkways to your terrace or patio areas. These lanterns are the ideal floor lamp for your outdoor space. You can use them to decorate the area or to make a beautiful walkway. 

Fairy Lights 

Wrap the fairy lights around tree branches to add sparkle and magic to your garden, or run the lights down the middle of your dining table. For a truly magical effect at night, you could even hang them in a zigzag pattern from one side of your garden to the other.

Using Solar Power 

Solar lighting is a fantastic option for functional and decorative lighting, especially for highlighting borders or pathways. They are not only much more energy-efficient, which will save you money over time, but they are also simple to install and can be left in place for a very long time.

Lighting From Festoons and LED Tape 

Festoon lighting and LED tapes are great for adding ambient lighting and emphasising specific features and areas. For example, you can hang festoons around a BBQ area to “frame it” or drape them above head height across a patio or seating area to provide a cosy overhead source of light. Use warm white lamps for a cosy, romantic feel or perhaps coloured golf balls for a fun, party-like atmosphere when changing the lamps in these fittings.

Ground Lights and Low-Level Lighting 

Recessed marker lights in the trail itself (or running parallel) are yet another fantastic choice if space is limited or you prefer low-level lighting. Install them regularly to provide ambient up-lighting that will guide you and create a lovely and striking image. These can be installed to provide a lovely “V” of light washing the wall in open spaces or at the base of guiding walls.


Having your outdoor lights run off the mains, also known as “plug and play,” a term borrowed from the laptop and gaming industries, is a great way to ensure consistent lighting that will last however long is needed. Of course, to safely use your main’s electricity outside, you will need an external extension.

The only drawback to this type of lighting is that it requires running wires across the garden, which can snag on objects or be unsightly. However, this problem is typically easily solved by routing the cables along fences or under the edge of the decking to keep them neatly hidden.

Directional Lighting

An effective landscaping plan can benefit greatly from directional lighting. For example, trees and plants can be highlighted with up-lighters placed at ground level or raised beds, drawing attention to the garden at night by illuminating the trees and plants. 

The most suitable types of spotlights are typically mains-powered, so installation may need to be done by an electrician unless you already have an outdoor plug. 

With the cable running through the plant beds, spike spotlights can be secured into the ground to ensure their stability. Recessed spotlights are buried underground and can be tilted to illuminate specific garden features.

Activate Outdoor Structure Lighting 

Use dim lighting to draw attention to a structural form in your garden, such as a pergola, shed, or garden office. This will ensure that your backyard lighting is in stages from the ground to the top of your walls or fences, preventing your lighting scheme from appearing too bottom-heavy, along with lighting the appropriate trees.

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