Tanzania Bound

If you have seen my tweets today you might have got wind of the fact that I am visiting a Sports Relief funded project this week.   As are Penny and Annie.   What we have neglected to mention thus far is where that project is.    Though the title of this post has now given the game away.  Yes, we are off to Tanzania to visit the Gatsby Trust!

Visiting Ghana with Comic Relief last year was a life changing experience and an absolute honour.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be able to do it again.     Yet here we are, currently at Heathrow, checked in for an 18 hour flight en route to see just how money raised is changing lifes and creating #LastingChange.

That is the # we will be using over the next few days on our Twitter accounts and we would love for you to follow us and see what we are reporting on, first hand.   We are going to be visiting women who have received grants from the Trust and are now running their own businesses and supporting their own families.    You can find out more about the trust and Tanzania here:  Team Honk does Tanzania .   The trip has been timed to coincide with International Women’s Day and has a really strong focus on how women in some of the poorest parts of Africa are being helped out of poverty.

Annie has written about the trip here:  If you want me I will be in Tanzania and Penny has written about it here:  Flying to Tanzania.

Last year whilst in Ghana we sent out digital postcards for people to put on their blogs, and a little bit of info about the person in the picture.   This year we would love to send you a digital postcard for your blog, and invite you to help us make lots of noise online on Saturday for International Women’s Day using #lastingchange #IWD14 .    You can sign up here for postcards, but be quick they are limited!

sign up for a digital postcard from Tanzania

 It was a real thrill for me to chat to Kirstie Allsop last year about the same project and I never expected that I, too, would be able to see first hand the #LastingChange made by donations to Comic Relief.

Oh and talking of donations to Comic Relief, you do know that trips such this are not funded from public donations, don’t you?  So rest assured your sponsorship of the Team Honk Relay is going towards good causes, in its entirety.  There is more information on this here

We also plan to bring back some of the products that the ladies make so if you are a beauty blogger and would like to try some soap, or a foodie blogger who would like try some chutney, do let know and we will see what we can do!

We will also be taking part in the Twitter party that is being hosted by Britmums on Friday afternoon, so please join in if you are around!  We will be live from Tanzania and will have some great stories to tell you of the women we have met (a few of the 1000 women entrepreneurs they support)

The Team Honk Relay is still under way and we would love for you to get behind and support the legs who are looking after Mr B, the baton, and seeing that he makes his way safely up the country.   The Team Honk twitter account will still mostly be supporting the relay because that is vital really!  And we would love to see the sponsorship still rolling in because we know what a difference that money is going to be making.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go and take off my shoes and belt and head towards that scary man who wants to frisk me.

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  • Let’s do this – let’s spread the word and help highlight these amazing women x

  • Bravo ladies!!! My Mummy is working at Heathrow T5 tonight!!!! Safe trip xxx

  • You have all made such a difference this year with #TeamHonkRelay. I’m proud to be a part of something that makes this kind of difference. Can’t wait to see the postcards and hear about your travels. Good luck and safe trip x

  • Have an amazing time. Looking forward to hearing all about it and helping to spread the word. If any of them are making textiles that I could use in a shoot, please bring them back! Jx

  • Incredible! You guys are just fab! It will be fascinating to see the good work close up – look forward to hearing about it – stay save everyone!

  • Wow you fabulous International Women! Have an amazing time, am keeping my ears and eyes peeled as you go off on your next mission. Please bring back some Tanzanian music!

  • see you on Twitter on Friday for all the news 😀 I guess with no slebs around there’ll just have to be lots of selfies – and photos of inspiring women 😉

  • You three are definitely up there on my inspirational women list – travel safely, enjoy your time there and we’ll do our best to spread the word. Much love x