That’s it 2015 is all but done



I don’t do New Year’s Eve.  Not normally.  I like to pretend it is just another day.   That the telly programmes on tonight are not special and that we can go to bed at 10pm, just like normal.   But then we got invited out to a friend’s house tonight and Mr B said we should go.  So we are.    Though I may still need a post dinner power nap to get me through to midnight.

Mr B then booked the day off.  He was owed a day in lieu so took it today and we headed off to the beach with our cameras.  And Caity.  And along came Annie and her two youngest as we were heading to the beach on her doorstep.   One of those impromptu days that you end up remembering for a long time for no reason other than they were just a good day.

Beach Huts at Calshot

A good day for chips on the beach.

Except the man in the chip shop got the order wrong so we sat with a big bit of fish on the beach and craved the missing chips.

Then the walk with cameras was so windy that our hair kept blowing over the camera lens and we got ear ache after twenty minutes so headed back to the car.

Before driving to a cafe for tea on another beach down the road.

Calshot Beach

Where the hot chocolate was delicious and the room warm so you feel no need to go back outside again into the wind.

Until you remember there is good news to celebrate and the end of the year to toast with a bottle of fizz in the boot of your car.

So whilst I still don’t like New Year’s Eve I do feel like the end of the year needs to be marked.  A line drawn.   This is the end of this year.  We wont have 2015 again.   We won’t have this last day of the year, the day we had Prosecco on the beach when it was so windy the wine was blowing out of the plastic glasses.

Next year is going to be the year of me.  That sounds selfish and it really won’t be but there are some changes I want to make next year, even a resolution maybe but I gave those up in 1988.

Lepe Beach

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  • Aw sounds lovely, I was so tempted to make a dash for the coast, but Skeggy wasn’t as appealing as this 😉 Happy New Year! x