The Gallery — Bonds

Not as in glue or as in James (though I have now seen my first James Bond film so I was hoping it was that one).   As in the bonds that tie us together.   Bonds that connect us to somebody else.   That is the theme on Tara’s Gallery this week.

I thought I would share something a bit more off the wall than that.   And show you want actually bonds me to the lovely Tara herself.   I have never met Tara but there are two things that bond me to her.  Make me think of her every time I see them.

Reece’s peanut butter anything and our Tassimo machine.

I noticed Tara singing the praises of the first when she discovered them on a holiday in the US last year.  I remarked that our local “American sweet shop” had a huge range and next time I was passing, I would get her some and post them.   Which I did.

The second we won in a competition that Tara ran (no dodgy fixing allegations please, the win came before the choc) on her blog when she asked what people would have on a personalised mug.  I said a straight T for I had been T Brewin at one point (oh yes I was dear reader).

So there you go, these two things bond me to Tara.  Whether she likes it or not.




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